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Chapter 2 Money, loan, trade, taxes

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Few definitions

Loan/Credit in french, from Latin ‘credere’ believe Confidence, esteem, consideration that someone or something enjoys, Provision of money or property to a trusted third party, in exchange for a promise of repayment. In accounting, something that contributes to an enrichment.
Taxes A definitive and authoritative debit, in exchange for services to be rendered to a community. In a democracy, a citizen’ choice authorizing a State to take, in legal currency(1), a part of the wealth, in
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How to Sell Cryptocurrency to Make a Profit

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How to Sell Cryptocurrency to Make a Profit

Cryptocurrency is the new craze all over the world. Every investor who has already bought digital assets such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and USDC is trying to learn how to sell cryptocurrency to make a profit. But is it that easy? No, it is not. Any incorrect timing means making a loss within the volatile environment.

When learning how to sell your cryptocurrency, there are numerous things you need to know such as using the right platforms, reading price charts, and most importantly, knowing when to … Read more

What makes Tesla different from other electric cars?

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What makes Tesla different from other electric cars?

Around 328,000 electric vehicles were bought by Americans in 2020 but around 75% of those EVs sold were from just one brand. Yes, you guessed it right, it was Tesla. Tesla Motors accounts for about 80% of the EV market in the country. And even if EV sales constitute about 2% of the total car sales in the US, the Silicon Valley automaker has the largest share in the EV pie.

What’s more interesting though is the fact that Tesla has been able to establish Read more

How does the value of your car depreciate over time?

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How does the value of your car depreciate over time?

Cars have always been the carriers of our fondest memories, which include those fun summer beach trips with your friends, that first feeling of getting behind a steering wheel, those goofy adventures in the wild with your family, and many more. 

The land of America can rightly be termed as ‘CarNation’, with each American spending almost 51 minutes behind the wheel every day. That equates to a whopping total of almost 13 full days of driving every year. For avid car enthusiasts, this figure might … Read more

COVID-19: How consumers are buying cars and how the auto industry is responding.

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Covid-19: How consumers are buying cars and how the auto industry is responding.

COVID-19 has changed our lifestyles. It has changed the way we work, we travel, the places we eat at and also obviously the way we shop. And this change has drastically impacted businesses and the auto industry hasn’t been spared either.

After a good run in the first couple of months of 2020, auto sales tumbled for the rest of the year. While there was a steady demand for crossover SUVs. The Nissan Kicks and the Honda CR-V, didn’t sell out huge … Read more

Making Your Own Vaccine Card

A CDC vaccination card indicates that a person received a first dose of the Moderna vaccine.
Moderna has TWO Shots: PART A and PART B

The Most Important Thing To Remember When Making Your Own Vaccine Card:

CHANGE THE CDC LOGO, So you will not get arrested for fraud.

As long as the logo is NOT the same or identical to the CDC Logo, you will NOT be infringing upon the copy-write of the CDC.

6 Ways to Protect Your COVID-19 Vaccine Card | The Strategist
People buying fake COVID-19 vaccination cards online |

Keep Your Covid-19 Vaccination Card Safe — You're Going To Need It

Remember: When making your own vaccine card, most vaccines require TWO DOSES.

Make sure you copy down the information correctly.

When making your own card, it’s important if not crucial to make sure y0u have the correct vaccine with 2 parts … Read more

Choosing an Online Slot

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Choosing an Online Slot   

When playing online slots, you will have different options. Each casino offers different slot games that suit the needs of the gamblers. Sometimes, choosing the best might be a problem due to the variety of the games provided.  For instance, if you do not have enough experience playing such games, choosing the best one might be challenging. Here are some choices to consider when choosing your first game. 

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Determine your favorite theme

Deciding to play these games will give you an idea of the … Read more

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How Can National News Affect the Stock Market?

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How Can National News Affect the Stock Market?

The stock market is impacted by a ton of different factors, some are company-related and others are world news. For example, a world-changing pandemic can cause the market to crash if the national news reports say that the world’s economy is shutting down. This might make it easy to buy cheap stocks, but it doesn’t matter as much because you’ll want to pay attention to what the news says next. This can lead to triggers to watch out for when you’re investing in the market … Read more