The Clinton Administration And A Fantasy About China’s Future; The CCP Fooling The WTO

00:00 Introduction: China Join the WTO
02:05 How did China get in?
08:25 China fails to comply with WTO regulations and fulfill promises
14:49 China’s shady practice "Raise, Trap, Kill"

The US made a mistake in 2001. In an effort to democratize China. The Clinton administration pushed for China’s World Trade Organization access. This, as we look twenty years later to find an evil hegemony aimed to consume global economics. Let’s examine the promises the CCP failed to fulfill over the years. And how President Trump’s attempt to right the wrong of the WTO may need another look.

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Tom Cotton: China Using Olympics To Steal Athlete’s DNA?; The CCP’s Foreign Propaganda Machine

00:00 Quick news
00:52 China’s big foreign propaganda
09:48 Tom Cotton: Beijing Steal DNA
12:32 Biden makes China uncomfortable
16:46 Biden’s foreign policy review; and Russia

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily faced another round of crackdown. 500 police officers raided the office. Five key members were arrested. This is another attack on the already weak Hong Kong press freedom.

What does the China story actually mean? The CCP has been using extensive foreign propaganda to change its view on China. Including a recent hiring fair for influencers. We go into details on this story.

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Biden Europe Trip: Three Guns Pointing At The CCP; China Wolf Warrior Drawing Sparks Criticisms

00:00 Chinese wolf warrior drawing
03:30 Three guns pointed at China (maybe Russia?)
12:00 CCP & US Response After G7 Summit
13:47 Biden Putin Summit: My Prediction

A Chinese drawing is making fun of the G7 nations. By disrespecting both Da Vinci and G7 nations at the same time. Is the CCP making any changes to their failing aggressive policy? Making enemies everywhere have gotten Beijing more guns pointed at them. This time from NATO, G7, and now, maybe Russia? The foreign ministry is not backing down either. Making more wolf warrior remarks against the United States.

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Dr. Anders Corr Interview: The Decoupling of US with China After New Anti-Sanction Law

00:00 What are the implications of a new sanction law? Is Xi helping Trump?
00:44 Anders Corr : Overview of the anti-sanction law
05:01 How does it affect business?
07:55 Hilton Hotel in China
12:24 Decouple from China?

New anti-sanctions law may shoot the CCP in its own foot. It’s an attempt to counter the US and allies’ sanctions on Chinese companies. Does the Biden administration scare the CCP? Perhaps Xi Jinping is afraid of what comes next as the US makes more friends? Just how much does this bill impact the US-China relationship?

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A Leaking Nuclear Plant in China And Bats Found In Wuhan Labs; Biden’s G7 Trip and NATO meeting

00:00 A Chinese Nuclear Power Plant Might Be Leaking! They are Covering It Up!
05:00 Bats Found In Wuhan Lab
08:36 G7 Summit: What happened?
17:00 Was Biden’s Trip Successful?

A Chinese nuclear power plant may be leaking. But China is covering up. The french co-owners warned the United States. And the US is closely watching. Do we trust the CCP after they covered up the pandemic?

Then, the G7 nations released a statement to pressure China. Crossing four redlines all at once. Is it enough to hold the CCP accountable for its actions? This includes a WHO-led investigation of … Read more

G7 Summit: How Does Joe Biden Compete with EU and China?; The Importance of Angela Merkel

00:00 Three Kingdoms
03:53 Does The US NEED Europe?
11:44 The Delicate Trade Relationship
15:44 Trump vs Biden EU Approach
18:02 Why EU Matters

Why does Biden desperately want Europe to side with the US? Lifting sanctions on Nord Stream 2 seems like it benefits Russia. What role does Germany have in deciding the future of a trifecta of US, China, and EU engagement? Today we attempt to answer these questions. That’s as the EU froze an investment deal with China over the Human rights issue. Will the US be better off with or without Europe’s help to fight against … Read more

Biden’s UK and G7 Agenda Unveiled; No Bats Found In Wuhan Market Before COVID!

00:00 Biden attend UK meeting, prep for G7 Summit
09:47 Anti-sanction bill from the CCP; Tik Tok ban removed?
16:28 No Bats Found At Wuhan Wet Markets (all 17)!

Joe Biden is the new guy on the block. His first Europe trip is filled with promises. Seeing himself as the second coming of FDR. Let’s see what the G7 Summit holds for him. We then discuss the CCP’s response to the endless frontier act from congress.

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Biden Versus Xi: Shadow War of Information and Tech; Chinese College Students Attacked At Protest

00:00 China College Protest Over Degree Devaluation; Met by Violence From Police
09:10 CCP vs the US; Xi Vs Biden: A New Cold War

It’s rip-off season! Chinese authorities are at it again. A protest has gone violent in China. Yes! You heard it. Not Hongkong. Two years after Hong Kong’s draconian bill, Chinese students took to the street to protest their college degrees.

Then let’s jump to some serious politics. The democrat’s counter China bill was passed. Despite Senate support from both sides. There are uncertainties behind this bill. Is there a secret Cold war 2.0 in the making? … Read more

No More Wolf? Xi Jinping Wants Loveable, Respectable China?; Tesla In China: Fabricated Act

00:00 Rethink Wolf Warrior Diplomacy: Xi Jinping Wants Loveable China
12:32 Tesla China’s Pressure Came From Fabrication
16:11 Obama Interview: Downplays CRT Importance

President Xi Jinping is calling for a loveable and respectful new China propaganda. Why are they shifting from wolf warrior diplomacy? That’s as global pressure mounts to find the truth of COVID. But also, a new understanding of the entire US-China relationship.

Then we will update you on Tesla’s fabricated China drama. This as two separate incidents are found to be connected by leaked audio.

And Obama’s interview with CNN on critical race theory.

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Mike Pompeo Faced Opposition on COVID Investigation; Taiwan Visit By US Senators Trigger the CCP

We’ve changed our names! I am happy to announce that, as Talking Points with David Zhang going forward, we have partnered with NTD! This is an opportunity to grow and diverge in my content. You can expect interviews here and my personal analysis. Stay tuned!

00:00 Vanity Fair Investigation; Blinken to Investigate Covid Origin
15:08 Three Senators Visit Taiwan: Cross CCP’s Redline

The Covid origins investigation hit another ceiling. Secretary Blinken says China must be held accountable. Though he was reluctant to actually say what consequences the CCP will get. This as some claim a defector from Wuhan with top … Read more