March 4th: Rumor Of New Inauguration?; US National Guardsmen Mistreated At The Capitol

00:00 Intro
00:50 DC March 4th Extra Security: Real Inauguration? Troops Mistreated
06:22 Neera Tanden: Biden Budget Office Pick Resigns: What is Behind It?
10:46 Two Story: Cuomo Apology; CPAC Stage Design
15:16 Texas and Mississipi Re-Open 100% (No Mask Mandates)

Our topics tonight include. A look at the potential unrest tomorrow, March 4th, the original inauguration day. As the Capitol Police calls for more reinforcements to the already fenced-up walls around the capitol.

Then we talk about Neera Tanden, her resignation from the Budget Office Nomination, what is behind it.

Next, a short look at the mystery surrounding CPAC’s … Read more

FBI Head Wray Says No Domestic Terrorist List; Dr. Seuss Books Cancelled For Apparent Racism

00:00 Intro
00:46 FBI Director Testify January 6th Riot
06:20 Dr. Seuss Books Cancelled
15:01 Cuomo Third Accuser
17:22 Hong Kong Update; Florida Governor Prevent CCP Actions

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Our topics tonight include. A summary of the FBI director’s testimony on the January 6th riot. Including his discussion on Brian Sicknick’s cause of death investigation.

Then we dive into a discussion on Dr. Seuss’s books being canceled in a new wave of the progressive culture storming the United States. This comes as Biden skips Seuss’s name in his presidential proclamation.

After that, we discuss a … Read more

Why Democrats Are Abandoning The Andrew Cuomo Ship; Trump In CPAC: Rise Of The Republican Is Now!

00:00 Intro
00:57 Trump CPAC Summary: Four New GOP Policy
15:12 Andrew Cuomo Abandoned by Democrats?

Our topics tonight include. A summary and the four future GOP actions that are bound to take place, as Trump hints at running for 2024. America first is here to stay. This segment includes the key quotes from the CPAC that resonates with the American public.

Next, we jump to the discussion around why the Democrats are jumping ship on the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal. This comes as multiple Democratic politicians raise their concerns over the female experience. But what … Read more

Rise of Communism In the US Series Part 2: The Destruction Of Family And US Education

Welcome to the second episode of this special series. This is the second part of a six-episode series investigating and exploring with you together with the rise of communism in the United States and the western world. In this episode, we will focus on two aspects that are being fully subverted, Family and the Education system. It is through these two aspects that are closest to the American family that is now, corrupting the humanity of people in the US.

The US communism movement is rooted in corrupting the next generation of Americans through its education system. Slowly, it has … Read more

7 Trump Executive Actions Revoked by Biden; Five Days Experiment Turned Class Into Fascist Movement

00:00 Intro: Hasbro Makes Mr. PotatoHead, "PotatoHead"
01:00 Five Days to Fascism: A School Experiment Gone Wrong
08:41 Biden Reverses 7 Trump Policy Orders
16:48 Lawmaker Introduce Anti-CCP Bills

Hasbro says Mr. Potato Head is no longer a Mister. Yesterday it was Coca-Cola. What’s next? Barbie becomes Bar-Person?

The topics tonight include the story of an American high school, in a social experiment spanning five days, transformed a group of students into a new age fascist movement. What does that say about today’s political environment?

Next, we jump to a look at seven executive actions from Trump that are being … Read more

Shocking: Coke “Less White” Training Offered; Behind The Mission To Stop Trump

00:00 Intro
00:43 The Plan To Stop Trump: Tax Investigation
19:23 Chinese Social Media Personality Arrested; A Strategy to Identify CCP Narratives.

Did you know, Coca Cola is trying to make their employees less white? This is the next step in a ridiculous political correctness campaign.

We then talk about the reasons behind the Supreme Court ruling to allow Trump’s tax records to be investigated in New York. It’s the next step in preventing Trump from running for office again.

Then we discuss how the CCP’s detention of online users who spoke against their rhetoric on the India China border … Read more

Cancelling Trump Is The New “Trend”? ; Capitol Police Chief: No Indication Of Violence Report

00:00 Intro
00:28 Capitol Police Hearing Update: No Intel For Violence
06:21 Trump Ice Rink; Left Cancelling Anything "Trump"
15:48 Burma Riot: Behind The Reason Is CCP and What is Next?

We begin with an update on the hearing of the former Capitol police chief, Steven Sund.

We then discuss the soon to be cancellation of Trump’s skate rinks in New York and surrounding totalitarian controls of the left.

Then we discuss the evolving situation in Burma. How the CCP is fueling the riot control but also putting out a test for Joe Biden. The CCP’s next target might be … Read more

Trump “Untouchable” Among GOP Candidates; Supreme Court Denied Pennsylvania Election Lawsuits

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00:00 Intro
00:47 Supreme Court Fails The American People In New Rulings
08:56: Trump Attending CPAC; Pence Not
12:40 Ted Cruz Cancelled; CCP Tactic Employed

Welcome to Beyond the Noise, this episode we explore: The Supreme Court denied Pennsylvania election cases. Justice Clarence Thomas dissents, joined by Justice Alito and Gorsuch. But the court had time to rule for Trump’s tax return.

We then discuss President Trump’s CPAC Attendance. It is confirmed he will speak there, while … Read more

Rise of Communism In the US Series Part 1: Introduction & Four Stages of Communist Infiltration

This is chapter 1 of 6 in a series of investigation episodes. New episode every Friday.

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00:00 Introduction to the series
00:43 Rise of Communism In Europe
16:20 The Four Stages of Communism Infiltration In USA

In this special episodic release every Friday, we uncover the secret of the hidden communist agenda that is subverting US society. In this episode, we begin with an introduction to the rise of communism with its Marxist beginning, the French Commune, … Read more

Trump: Parler Wanted Me Bad! But I Might Make My Own Platform; Biden and Xi’s Evolving Relationship

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Trump Interview: Might Make Own Platform
09:30 Jack Ma, Xi Jinping, Biden: Three Signals To Next Biden Moves
21:33 Australia Cancelled By Facebook

In this episode of Beyond The Noise, the topics tonight include Trump’s first phone interview since his impeachment acquittal, what he said and where things might be heading to.

Then we do a deep analysis on the Biden Administration in a time when Chinese Leader Xi Jinping is using Jack Ma … Read more