The Eagle, The Dragon, And The Bear

Authored by Robert Gore via Straight Line Logic blog-

Does Trump recognize the limits of US power?

Trump’s new world order comes straight from The Godfather. There are three global powers: the US, Russia, and China. None of these powers can militarily defeat either of the other two, and even an alliance among two of them would have trouble defeating the third.

Like Don Corleone, Trump is dividing up the larger territory into smaller, great-power controlled sub-territories. He is tacitly recognizing Russia and China’s dominance in their own spheres of influence, and holding them to account in their territories. The

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President Trump’s Approval on Economic Issues Skyrockets, According to New Poll

As the economy continues to boom, President Trump’s approval ratings on economic issues are also on the rise — and he has now surpassed the approval rating President Obama received on the issue for the majority of his presidency.

According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll, 49 percent of likely voters rate Trump’s handling of economic issues as good or excellent. This is a whopping 39% bump from just one year ago.

Speaking in Minnesota on Wednesday, President Trump vowed to continue improving the economy by cutting regulations. It has been reported that the administration has eliminated 22 regulations for Read more