Feds Investigating Chinese Spies’ Return to US Ahead of COVID Travel Ban

Intelligence officials are investigating why suspected Chinese spies returned to the United States on student and work visas at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to internal government documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

Hundreds of Chinese nationals are the subject of a federal probe after law enforcement officials flagged their travel at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chinese nationals returned to the United States earlier than expected in January 2020, often having modified their travel plans. Then-president Donald Trump signed an executive order restricting entry from non-citizens and residents from China on Jan. 31,

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Teens Take Charge Likely Violating Federal Tax Law, Experts Say

Teens Take Charge, the nonprofit student activist group pushing to end competitive admissions to New York City schools, may be violating federal tax law by opposing candidates for public office, a Washington Free Beacon analysis found.

The U.S. tax code allows nonprofits to lobby, provided that lobbying does not comprise a “substantial part” of their activities. What they cannot do is support or oppose any candidate for public office, a prohibition that includes “the publishing or distributing of statements.”

Teens Take Charge appears to have violated that prohibition repeatedly, hosting rallies against local office-seekers and encouraging them on social media

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Top Biden Official Promoting Policy Agenda of Former Employer, Ethics Watchdog Says

A watchdog group is sounding the alarm that a top Biden administration official is doing the bidding of her former employer while working in the highest levels of the administration.

Nada Culver, who is serving as acting director of the Bureau of Land Management, has taken the lead for the administration on the issue of banning drilling in Alaska. The policy initiative is one of the primary goals of Culver’s previous employer, the National Audubon Society, prompting a watchdog to ask the agency’s inspector general to look into whether Culver may be violating both the Biden administration’s ethics pledge and

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Supreme Court Deals Blow to Biden DOJ in Cocaine Sentencing Case

In an early setback for the Biden Justice Department’s reform agenda, the Supreme Court on Monday unanimously held that low-level crack cocaine offenders aren’t eligible for lighter sentences under the 2018 First Step Act.

The decision came after Biden appointees at the Justice Department broke with their Trump-appointed predecessors to back small-time drug defendants seeking re-sentencing. Justice Clarence Thomas delivered the majority opinion that eight justices joined in full, a stark rejoinder to the government’s reversal.

The First Step Act made offenders convicted before 2010 of possessing large amounts of crack eligible for new, lessened sentences. Consistent with its criminal

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Supreme Court Puts Off Decision on Harvard Affirmative Action Appeal

The Supreme Court on Monday delayed deciding whether it will hear a constitutional challenge to Harvard’s race-conscious admissions practices, which urges the justices to end affirmative action in college admissions.

In a routine set of orders, the justices asked the Biden administration to file legal papers explaining its view of whether they should hear the case. Such requests are normal, and generally take the Department of Justice several months to complete.

As a result, the justices will not revisit the petition until this fall, at the earliest. A grant would add a third high-profile case to a term that already

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CNN Could Have Promoted a Person of Color To Replace White Masturbator Jeffrey Toobin. The Network Refused. Why?

CNN’s alleged commitment to the cause of racial equity was significantly undermined last week when the network welcomed Jeffrey Toobin back to its airwaves.

The disgraced journalist, who was fired by the New Yorker in November 2020 for masturbating in front of his colleagues on a Zoom call, will continue in his role as CNN’s chief legal analyst—at the expense of two qualified persons of color who were in the running to replace him.

CNN could have replaced Toobin by promoting senior legal analyst Laura Coates, a woman of color who has been with the network since 2016. Coates’s

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Report: 40 Percent of Teachers Say Civics Education Should Focus On Critical Race Theory

More than 40 percent of teachers say civics education should be focused on critical race theory, according to a Heritage Foundation study released Monday.

The report found that 43 percent of teachers are familiar with critical race theory. Of those teachers, 55 percent supported the doctrine, which teaches that American institutions are inherently racist. Forty-one percent of teachers said civics education should focus on critical race theory, while 57.5 percent of teachers said critical race theory should be included in civics education. Parents were marginally less supportive of critical race theory compared to teachers.

Parents and educators have feuded over

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Congress Investigates Biden Admin for Dropping Sanctions on Assad Ally

Congress is probing the Biden administration for unilaterally lifting sanctions on a key funder of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s ongoing war, a decision made by the State Department late last week without congressional consultation.

Rep. Bryan Steil (R., Wis.), a member of the House Financial Services Committee, and two of his Republican colleagues are demanding the Biden administration hand over internal documents related to its decision to lift sanctions on businesses connected to Samer Foz, a Syrian oligarch who has worked closely with the Iranian regime to fund Assad’s war machine. The Biden administration also lifted sanctions on several former

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What About His Gaffes? Joe Biden Bumbles His Way Through G7 Summit

President Joe Biden’s performance at the G7 summit in England has done little to allay concerns about his mental competence, to say the least. The 78-year-old president has bumbled his way through the summit, embarrassing the United States in the process and raising questions about his capacity to lead.

In one video clip making the rounds, Biden appeared disoriented as he wandered into an outdoor seating area. His patient wife, Dr. Jill Biden (EdD), ultimately came to his rescue and led him away.

Over the weekend, Biden embarrassed himself during a photo op with other world leaders by urging the

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Lawmakers Move to Censure Squad Members for Anti-Israel Remarks

Congresswomen Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Omar, And Pressley Hold News Conference After President Trump Attacks Them On Twitter

House Republicans are backing an effort to censure members of the far-left “squad” for their anti-Israel rhetoric amid Hamas’s rocket attacks against the Jewish state last month.

The resolution, which Reps. Mike Waltz (R., Fla.), Claudia Tenney (R., N.Y.), and Jim Banks (R., Ind.) introduced on Monday, accused the far-left lawmakers of providing cover for Hamas by equating Israel’s self-defense to terrorist attacks launched from Gaza. 

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.), Ayanna Pressley (D., Mass.), and Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) emerged as Israel’s loudest critics during the crisis as more than 4,000 rockets rained down on

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