Navy Reading List Includes Anti-Racism Book for Sailors

The U.S. Navy’s reading list for officers and sailors includes books exploring issues in anti-racism and gender politics, potentially overshadowing traditional education in military history and strategy.

Four of the 16 books listed under a section dedicated to personal and leadership development discuss topics such as anti-racism, the criminal justice system, and gender politics. Their titles include Ibram X. Kendi’s bestselling How to Be an Antiracist, The New Jim Crow, Sexual Minorities and Politics, and Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward. Kendi’s book in particular has garnered significant controversy, with many of its ideas

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U.S. Carries Out Airstrike Against Iranian-Backed Militia Target in Syria, Officials Say

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States on Thursday carried out an airstrike in Syria against a structure belonging to what it said were Iran-backed militia, two officials told Reuters, an apparent response to rocket attacks against U.S. targets in Iraq.

While the strike could be the first retaliatory moves by the United States following last week’s attacks, the move appeared to be limited in scope, potentially lowering the risk of escalation.

Also a decision to strike only in Syria and not in Iraq would give the Iraqi government some breathing room as it carries out

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Supreme Court Pressed to Take Up Harvard Affirmative Action Case

A student group accusing Harvard of discrimination against Asians asked the Supreme Court to take up its case and ban the use of race in college admissions on Thursday.

The group, Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA), alleges that Harvard imposes a racial penalty on Asian applicants and engineers the demographic composition of each incoming class. But Thursday’s petition goes beyond the situation at Harvard and urges the Court to overturn the legal foundations of affirmative action.

“At Harvard, race is … an anvil on the scale that dominates the entire process,” the petition reads. “At Harvard, race is not a

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‘Mein Kampf’ and Other ‘Hate Speech’ Products You Can Still Buy on Amazon

Amazon, the popular online retailer, is under fire after conservative author Ryan T. Anderson announced on Sunday that his 2018 bestseller, When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment, had been scrubbed from the Amazon website.

The decision to ban the book from its platform came several months after Amazon quietly altered its content guidelines to prohibit the sale of “content that we determine is hate speech … or other material we deem inappropriate or offensive,” which includes content that “promotes the abuse or sexual exploitation of children, contains pornography, glorifies rape or pedophilia, [or] advocates terrorism.”

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Biden Faces First Major Foreign Policy Test in Georgia

The Georgian government’s Tuesday raid on the opposition party’s headquarters and arrest of its leader, Nika Melia, threatens to cripple the only democracy in the South Caucasus and is an early foreign policy test for the Biden administration, which has yet to take any concrete action aimed at holding Georgia’s pro-Russian government accountable for its crimes.

Melia, leader of the pro-western United National Movement, was arrested on Tuesday after government forces aligned with the pro-Moscow ruling Georgian Dream party raided the movement’s offices. The organized assault is just the latest attempt by Georgian Dream to destroy its pro-American opposition and

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Lawmaker Demands Biden Admin Disclose Secret Iran Talks with China

President Biden And Vice President Harris Visit The Pentagon

In a letter exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, a Republican member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee is demanding the Biden administration provide Congress with answers about U.S.-Iran envoy Robert Malley’s undisclosed talks earlier this month with China about rejoining the 2015 nuclear accord.

Rep. Tim Burchett (R., Tenn.) petitioned the State Department on Thursday to come clean about Malley’s talks with China, which came just before the Biden administration announced it is seeking direct negotiations with Iran about rejoining the nuclear accord. Burchett says the administration’s refusal to provide Congress with details about Malley’s discussions indicates

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Freshman NC Dem Bucks Biden on Iran Deal

A staff member removes the Iranian flag from the stage after a group picture with foreign ministers and representatives during the Iran nuclear talks at the Vienna International Center in Vienna

A freshman Democratic representative bucked the Biden administration and party line by denouncing the prospect of rejoining the Iran deal in a Wednesday interview.

Rep. Kathy Manning (D., N.C.), who serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told the Times of Israel that the Biden administration should reconsider their plan to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, pointing to the nation’s refusal to abide by its terms and calling it “outdated.”

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What I Learned at the Aspen Ideas RE$ET Festival Sponsored by Mastercard, PayPal, and Prudential in Partnership with Bloomberg

Aspen Ideas: RE$ET, a virtual symposium of experts and thought leaders designed to “give voice to the bold ideas” for “building an equitable economy,” took place earlier this week. If you’re in the target demographic—people who enjoy giving and receiving PowerPoint presentations—the entire 10-hour program is available online for your enjoyment.

On the other hand, don’t bother. Three hours is more than enough to make the average viewer wish they were rewatching the Democratic primary debates instead, which were interesting and informative by comparison. At least the candidates disagreed on some issues. The Aspen-approved experts rarely did, while deploying many

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Potential Biden NASA Pick Invested in Chinese Telecom Giant Blacklisted by Pentagon

President Joe Biden’s potential pick to lead NASA has a history of investments tied to a Chinese technology giant and has advocated for cooperating with China in space.

Former senator Bill Nelson (D., Fla.) is reportedly jockeying to lead America’s space agency under Biden. Sources close to Nelson say that his closed-door campaign for the position is more than a rumor. As a former career astronaut, Nelson would seem a natural to lead the agency, but Nelson’s financial and political ties to China could complicate his potential confirmation.

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Washington Appeals Court Unanimously Strikes Down Local Gun-Control Law

A Washington appeals court struck down an onerous local gun storage ordinance in a victory for Second Amendment activists, who pushed a state law designed to stop strict gun laws from popping up in liberal localities. 

The Court of Appeals for the State of Washington unanimously ruled Edmonds, Washington, violated state law when it instituted rules for how people must store firearms inside their own homes. The ordinance conflicts with a law that blocks localities from making their own gun regulations. Second Amendment activists advanced so-called state preemption laws to protect gun owners from having to navigate a patchwork of

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