Laura Darby – Updates on Knox Woods – Karen Unterreiner spotted and ran away, Ben Meyers possibly seen

By Laura Darby

French TV was in Clifton Park today making yet another documentary – this one for the people of France – on Keith Raniere and the cult he started and brought to destruction.  The camera crew got footage of 455 Karner Road. Interesting tidbit – only Nancy Salzman’s sign remains; they didn’t see Edgar Boone’s or Lauren Slazman’s reserved parking signs. The crew also said one of the numbers on the New Karner building was missing.

They pretty much filmed in three places: at 127 Grenadier, where the human branding reportedly took place. Neighbors are still arguing over
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Massive civil lawsuits may be looming right behind the criminal – for Clare and Sara Bronfman

I never thought very much about how many lawsuits could be brought against NXIVM and the Bronfmans by just about any ex-member of the cult. Or maybe even anyone who took a course from NXIVM. If Clare [and Sara?] Bronfman is found to be guilty with regard to the acts of the cult – and that’s, in essence, what the result will be if she’s charged and found guilty – there is going to be a real feeding frenzy by people trying to cash in. Not just the branded women – but virtually everyone who was ever disaffected by NXIVM.
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Larry Shea:  A Sense of Community

By Larry Shea

Frank Parlato Jr., with the help of some incredibly strong women, Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, and Catherine Oxenberg (among many others), has been the driving force that has brought the NXIVM cult to its knees. Keith Raniere, the leader of this dangerous cult is in jail awaiting trial largely because of the unwavering perseverance and the Herculean effort of Frank Parlato Jr. Frank continues to fight the good fight against other NXIVM principals, such as Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, Emiliano Salinas, and many others through his Frank Report and Artvoice.

Some of the readers of

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With indictments looming, hypocrite Sara Bronfman Tweets [mindlessly] away

Love a good playground! The adventure playground movement began in Britain in the 1940s. The idea was to give urban children the freedom to play creatively.

I find that true! “The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.” – E. Joseph Cossman

[How does she feel about Raniere’s sleep deprivation techniques?]


Pioneer 😉 Activist shares why confidence has to come from within. 🙌


😉 I’d rather be a failure in something that I love than a success in something that I hate. -George

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Feds visit, interview in Knox Woods, Saratoga

This will be a short post.

According to two sources, the FBI came calling last week in Knox Woods and Saratoga seeking more information and interviewing people regarding the investigation and prosecution of the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization.

New federal felony charges are expected to be leveled against Keith Raniere and Allison Mack most likely by the end of July.

Also expected to be indicted is Clare Bronfman. She was described by the government in court as a longtime criminal co-conspirator with Raniere.

My best guess is that:


   – Clare Bronfman

   – Nancy Salzman


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Reader Asks About Taking Law In His Own Hands – And Questions Which ‘Pedos Roam Free’

While we await the looming superseding indictment which is on the minds of all who are involved [pro- or con] with NXIVM, there is little to report. This is the calm before the storm. Yet, there are still matters to consider. And I think a review of law enforcement’s blunders – prior to the Eastern District DOJ doing what other agencies had failed to do – is in order – for this may shape a public corruption investigation – if  such a thing is even possible given that many law enforcement officials allegedly cover up for one another.


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German Offers View of American NXIVM Cult

Correspondence I received from a German man. I think his perspective on America and NXIVM is interesting.

By Carl Berthold

Congrats this is a great article.  [see Reader asks about taking law in his own hands – and questions which ‘pedos roam free’]  You may continue in this direction listing how many attempts have been done in the past to try to turn in Kieth Raniere and his gang but was hitting deaf law enforcement ears.

Here is your chance to challenge the legal system in this country. They shut down Craigslists and fighting prostitution. They go after teachers

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Univision in Mexico Comes Out With Damning Video Report on Keith Raniere, Emiliano Salinas

Univision in Mexico has come out with what must be a shocking report on Keith Raniere and his primary assistant in Mexico, Emiliano Salinas.

I am pleased to have been able to contribute a little bit to this production and had the pleasure of meeting reporter Juan Cooper – a very fine and detail oriented reporter.

The clips feature Emiliano Salinas leading a Vanguard Week dance with  a passel of NXIVM members.

Interviews with Mexican and American Expians – and NXIVMs look for Alejandra Anaya, Alex Betancourt, and Catherine Oxenberg speaking in Spanish [below] calling Keith Raniere a criminal.

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Raniere Is Gone – And His Houses, Offices Are Being Neglected

3 Flintlock Lane, the one and only asset owned by Keith Raniere – well, at least the only one that he actually had in his name – seems to be empty.

He and Karen Unterreiner own it together – and, typical of Raniere, he and Karen allowed the mortgage to go into default at one point – during the same period he was spending millions of Bronfman money on lawsuits against enemies and having Nancy Salzman buy him a $90,000 grand piano for his sex lair at 8 Hale Court.

But it always had been occupied – until now.

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Miscellaneous Notes- Two More Neighbors – Questions About Children From Chihuahua – And A Fatter But Wiser NXIVM Lawyer

On Keith

Another neighbor told me this:

Keith would walk up and down Independence all over the neighborhood and he would always have a girl at his side or two girls – and he would hold their hand or hold her close or kiss her and it was just creepy. We kind of pieced things together watching daily routines and it was just creepy. We didn’t know about the S & M club. We didn’t know about any of that. We just knew he was constantly out with all those girls. He was my age and he was with 18-19

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