Nashville Explosion: Was It Actually The RV?; FBI: Unusual Motives For Targeting The AT&T Building

In this special analysis we take a deep look into the most unusual bomb incident ever. No large casualties, a warning message and the death of the apparent "suspect". Along with the quick case close from the FBI, this whole thing just seems way too out of place.

Stay tuned for the return from the holidays.

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Nashville Explosion: Was It Actually The RV?; FBI: Unusual Motives For Targeting The AT&T Building

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Billionaire Jack Ma & Alibaba: China’s Next Target; US Intelligence Must Stick To Their Sworn Duty

In this analysis episode we dive into why US intelligence must remain apolitical in the situation we are in right now. How the intelligence community (IC) must be vigilant to pursue voter integrity issues. The country is somewhat depending on the intelligence community to assist in uncovering the massive scheme.

As well, Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba, a billionaire is in hot water. Thats after Xi Jinping taking new power division in China. But his story is much deeper than that we see. This just shows you, no one is safe under the CCP regime, no matter how rich you … Read more

Trump’s Must Take This Winning Path; Democrat Unusual Agreement With Trump’s Decision

Trump released a video to declare he will veto the bill that is so terrible for the country. A foreign bribe disguised as a virus relief. As well Trump Vetoed the terrible defense bill just this afternoon. Both bill will be bad for American but great for the other countries.

Also, did you know the country spent 37 million dollars on researching why stress makes hair grey?
Sounds ridiculous? it’s true according to Senator Rand Paul’s year end festivus report.

Also, what exactly is the perfect scenario if Trump wants to take advantage of the next week before the January … Read more

Democrat Forcing Trump To Sign New Bill; $33 Million For Venezuela Under New Stimulus

A new stimulus bill is over 5500 pages, it is a long bill boasting so many hidden secrets. In a 2.3 Trillion dollar bill, more than half of it seems to be going to foreign countries. What would be a reason behind that? Is it dirty money?

Peter Navarro released a report last week with six different methods of voter fraud. Today he revealed some shocking information on the election in Michigan. Stay tuned for the breakdown.

As well, multiple congressman are planning to challenge the election results in the upcoming January 6th electoral voting in the joint session. What … Read more

What Was Discussed In The Secret Trump Meeting?; Barr: No Basis To Impound Voting Machines

Martial law is off the table. President Trump wants to stick to the constitution to grant him a victory. But how far will that take him in the current stage? With all sides against him, the pressure, will it get to him? Trump is faced with a massive decision, one that will make or destroy his chance for re-election. An almost 5 hour meeting on Friday sparked massive discussion over social media. From wild guesses of arguments among the attendants, to appointing a special prosecutor.

In this episode we break down four reasons why Trump won’t use the martial law. … Read more

Trump’s Grand Plan To Stabilize The US: Three Secretaries Activate Full Offense?

Three major development happened on Friday. We covered only one in our last episode. So today we will break down two more. As well, what can we say about the next two weeks?

Trump should decide if he has the determination to drive this one home. It is up to him to uphold the will of the people. We will talk about some of the valid strategies out there on the market for his team. Some which has been implemented already.

Pompeo specifically made some "questionable remarks" regarding the Solar Wind attack. He said Russia Russia Russia. But, does he … Read more

Supreme Court Justice Afraid To Rule Texas Case; Pentagon and US Defense Department Stop Transition

The Supreme Court failed to uphold justice. Not only that but with the new year approach, the chance of the two body of the government acting in favor of Trump is getting slimmer and slimmer.

Biden’s transition has caught a big surprise ahead of transition, as the defense department halted the transition process, which subsequently denied Biden’s team from accessing top information for the next two weeks in the name of "Christmas Vacation".

As well, Solarwinds hack is developing more and more towards a foreign entity acting on behalf of US’s army.

All that and more on Beyond The Noise,… Read more

Ratcliffe: DNI Report Must Expose Chinese Interference;Trump Must Make The Next Move

Why is the report delayed? DNI Ratcliffe said It must include China, who has been identified as a foreign country that interfered in the election. This, after a statement came out with some departments refusing to allow China to be included.

As well, how far has the DS been working together? We might have some glimpse from Patrick Byrne of who exposed a massive Hillary Clinton bribe. It shows the massive corruption of the DS.

There is a ton of evidence suggesting China will double down on it’s domestic and foreign terror. What will they do next year?

All … Read more

Lin Wood: At Least 1,000 Americans Involved; Military Crime Judge Is The New Deputy AG

Trump’s nomination to new attorney general and the new deputy attorney general have a big shoe to fill. Will they be on Trump’s side or on the DS side.

As well, Trump has a few key dates ahead going into January as the electoral deadline approaches. There are multiple paths to victory for Trump, but one stands out right now, Will he declare ML or Ins Act?

In this episode we outline the great effort a president must overcome to achieve peace, and sometimes it is difficult. See Lincoln and Jefferson. With the absolute conviction from the President, he will … Read more

Trump’s Martial Law: A New Hope For America; Barr’s Special Mission From Trump To Expose The DOJ

Does Bill Barr and Trump have a secret agreement? Why did Barr suddenly gain praise from Trump, Pompeo, and Cruz? In this episode, we look at why Bill Barr resigned and what it means for the future of contesting the election.

We know that Trump will not just rely on the lawsuit, but has other plans. As the electoral voting approaches the end, more than one former "allies" of Trump has slowly turned away from him.

But he has a plan, the special 2018 order and the will of the people.

In today’s episode, we break down Bill Barr’s resignation … Read more