Roe v. Wade…..PROOF that God is Upset At Sexual Perversion…

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Author: {Ashley Loren}

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Celebrities and Abortion….What’s Really Going On

Imagine if they put that nurturing energy into solving out basic needs and not calling Justice Thomas the N word.

Alot of our elders in the black church don’t call out abortion because they are registered democrats….and still excited about their ‘fun’ heyday of sleeping around.
They never got to travel the world so that’s the most fun they could muster up. Troubled fun.
They are excited for their grandchildren to have the same ‘fun’ that they did. If you don’t condemn…you are defacto endorsing.
Notice the black elder obsession with biracial people, Tyler Perry….anything that allows them to escape … Read more

Pro-Choice Men

They agree with us….but they typically don’t challenge us to have a decent work-life balance

Commentary and satire video

Got one as a neighbor. He sits at home and smokes all day…dirty shirts. I saw him walking down the street with a lady once. You educated women are sleeping with smoke-out boy that lives with his mom. He doesn’t want you to have the baby because he never wants to work. He wants instant pleasure…and other people to pay for it. He doesn’t care if he dies early. Y’all have sex with him…until the right man comes…. Then the abortion … Read more

Roe Teenagers Get Pregnant But Not Married People

Isaiah 55: 8-12.
University mottos: "Discover YOUR passion"

Isaiah 55: 10- whew chile!

For the rain and the snow cometh down from heaven- The erection, sexual stimulation and fertilization is a gift from God that God allowed for enjoyment and procreation.

AND RETURNETH NOT- Don’t send the baby back to heaven!

And maketh it bring forth and bud- The pregnancy process…the baby grows in the stomach.

That it may give seed to the sower- The baby may be a blessing to God and the parents.

And bread to the eater- Society may benefit from the talents of your child!

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Roe v Wade Overturned Black Divester Edition ⚫ 🐈‍⬛

Chicago abortion facilities are really unsafe

Every 12 days, this NY Planned Parenthood calls 911 for an ambulance

Every 12 days this NY Planned Parenthood calls ambulance
32 in 5 Years: Manhattan Planned Parenthood has another abortion emergency requiring ambulance transport
A Republican legislature denying funding for upgrades to facilities.
Keep in mind….democrat states have really bad facilities as well.
Chi facilities are bad


Kansas abortion facility severely injures third woman in less than four months

Kansas facility

The Texas Republicans wanted you to have the same healthy space as patients in the hospital having … Read more