Failed Kidnapping Plot Sheds Light on Iran’s Efforts to Silence American Journalists

An Iranian flag flutters in front of the IAEA headquarters in Vienna

In the fall of 2019, Voice of America reporter Ali Javanmardi was on assignment in Iraqi Kurdistan when he received a call from a young female source who said she had information to give him about Iran’s military operations in the region. She asked him to meet at her hotel room in Erbil at 9 p.m.

The invitation was a ruse. The woman, Samira Moradpour, was later convicted by a Kurdistan regional court as part of an Iranian attempt to kidnap and extradite Javanmardi, a critic of the Iranian government. The plot was foiled when Javanmardi became suspicious and contacted

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‘Diversity’ Group Linked to Swing-District Dem Pushes for Critical Race Theory in Michigan Schools

Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s (D.) top aide in a conservative Michigan county sits on the board of a “diversity council” that is lobbying to teach critical race theory in local schools.

Mona Shand, Slotkin’s self-described “eyes and ears” in Livingston County, serves on the board of the Livingston Diversity Council, a group working to “advocate for critical race theory education” in local schools. The council’s website—which features Slotkin’s official logo—links to resources that call critical race theory “necessary curriculum in schools” and bemoan “right-wing fear mongers” for criticizing the controversial curriculum.

The relationship could spell trouble for Slotkin, a swing-district Democrat

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Wuhan Scientists Genetically Manipulated Coronavirus, Congressional Report Says

Chinese scientists manipulated lethal viruses under unsafe conditions at the Wuhan Institute of Virology prior to the coronavirus outbreak, fueling suspicions the pandemic was caused by a lab leak, according to a new congressional report.

The Wuhan lab was engaged in “dangerous genetic modification research on coronaviruses at unsafe biosafety levels,” according to the report, authored by the minority staff on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The report includes revelations about unsafe working conditions at the lab, as well as new information indicating the Chinese government sought to mislead the world about the experiments taking place there. Congressional investigators

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A Legacy of Terror

“Bin Laden? Why are you reading that?” asked the proprietor of an Israeli bodega just off the Tel Aviv beach. I was buying a bottle of water, but the shop was full of multicolored flags, thongs, and glitter. The pride parade had just ended. The man took my money, looked at me, and then my book again. He shrugged.

I left the shop chuckling. If only Osama bin Laden knew. He was obsessed with the destruction of both Israel and the United States. Israel was certainly getting the last laugh. And America, after assassinating him on May 2, 2011, in

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Gen X Gone Wild

Dave Matthews’s quip might be the perfect assessment of Woodstock 99: “Today, there’s an abundance of titties.” Topless women seemed to be everywhere those three days in Rome, New York. But this wasn’t the carefree, hippie nudity of 1969. This was the era of Girls Gone Wild, and women were flashing the MTV cameras on hand to record everything that happened at the festival.

The men in the crowd demanded more. They jeered, groped, and, in some cases, assaulted the women while nu-metal bands thrashed on stage and encouraged the crowd toward violence. As the festival’s promoters loved to

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A Tale of Two Economists

In a 1988 address called “What Economists Do,” Robert Lucas of the University of Chicago said that he and his fellow economists are actually storytellers. “I want to understand the connection between changes in the money supply and economic depressions,” he said. But “the only really convincing way” to demonstrate that connection would be “to engineer a depression in the United States by manipulating the U.S. money supply.”

Such an experiment would be impractical and inhumane. So economists are left with no choice. “We are storytellers,” Lucas explained, “operating much of the time in the world of make believe.”


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ANALYSIS: Liberal Animosity Toward Minorities, Teachers, and Poor People is Out of Control

Obnoxious liberals, the ones who fill the yawning void in their lives by posting online, are expressing an unhealthy degree of animosity toward minorities, teachers, poor people, and other marginalized communities, a Washington Free Beacon analysis has determined.

As you might expect, Lincoln Project operatives are some of the worst offenders. Tom Nichols, one of the super PAC’s former advisers, griped last week that the United States was “threatened by millions of spoiled, stupid adult children” who are reluctant to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. His much wealthier former colleague, Rick Wilson, agreed: “We’re so fucked.”

The extremely online duo’s

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The Taliban Kidnapped a Navy Vet in Afghanistan. The Biden Administration Risks Leaving Him Behind.

The Biden administration’s full withdrawal from Afghanistan could leave behind a U.S. Navy veteran kidnapped by the Taliban.

Haqqani network operatives backed by the Taliban abducted Mark Frerichs, a civilian contractor in Afghanistan for the U.S. government, in January 2020. The government has made little progress in retrieving the Navy veteran. U.S. authorities have been able to establish that Frerichs is alive, but have yet to disclose his whereabouts. The State Department has briefed lawmakers in recent weeks, but according to Rep. Mike Waltz (R., Fla.), a former Green Beret in Afghanistan and lead advocate for bringing Frerichs home, the

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Biden’s Pick for Anti-Semitism Envoy Said Ilhan Omar’s Israel Comments Were Anti-Semitic

President Joe Biden’s pick for U.S. envoy to combat anti-Semitism once called Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D., Minn.) comments on Israel anti-Semitic in nature.

Deborah Lipstadt, a Holocaust historian and leading expert on anti-Semitism, was formally nominated Friday to serve in the State Department as U.S. ambassador to combat and monitor anti-Semitism. In 2019, Lipstadt told Jewish Insider that Omar’s depiction of pro-Israel Americans as having “allegiance to a foreign country” is a clear example of anti-Semitism.

“I believe it is” anti-Semitic, Lipstadt said. “Dual loyalties is part of the textbook accusations against Jews. They are cosmopolitans, globalists, not loyal to

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Document: Bipartisan Infrastructure Agreement Draft

Below is a draft of the 2,746-page bipartisan infrastructure agreement circulating among Republican Senate offices.

In a procedural motion on Friday, the Senate voted 66-28 to advance the bill. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) has said he hopes to pass the bill as early as next week, though it faces steep opposition in the House from both Democrats who view it as a half-measure that does not include progressive priority items and Republicans who argue it is a left-wing goody bag.

2021 07 30 Bipartisan Deal … by Washington Free Beacon

The post Document: Bipartisan Infrastructure Agreement Draft

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