The Supreme Court Is Much Too Powerful

The current frenzy over the vacancy on the Supreme Court in the wake of Justice Kennedy’s retirement highlights just how much power has been centralized in the hands of a small number of people in Washington, DC.

The left has grown positively hysterical over the thought of yet another Trump-appointed judge being installed, who could potentially serve on the court for decades. Right-wingers who claim the left is overreacting, however, are unconvincing. One can only imagine the right’s reaction were Hillary Clinton president. She would have already had the opportunity to appoint Scalia’s replacement, and we might now be talking

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Scientists Invented AI Made From DNA

An artist’s depiction of what was happening in the Caltech test tubes, probably. Image: Shutterstock

Last Wednesday, researchers at Caltech announced that they created an artificial neural network from synthetic DNA that is able to recognize numbers coded in molecules. It’s a novel implementation of a classic machine learning test that demonstrates how the very building blocks of life can be harnessed as a computer.

This is pretty mind blowing, but what does it all mean? For starters, “artificial intelligence” here doesn’t refer to the superhuman AI that is so beloved by Hollywood. Instead, it refers to machine learning, a

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[WATCH] Kitchen Worker PULLS GUN On Man Who Sucker Punched Colleague

A kitchen worker pulled a gun on a man who decided to brutally sucker punch her colleague. The incident occurred at a George Webb diner restaurant on June 29 of this year.

The attacker in the video has not been arrested by police, reported WTMJ-TV news. In the 18-second CCTV (closed circuit television) video shared by a Milwaukee politician, Alderman Bob Donovan, a man dressed in a white t-shirt and pants is seen approaching two female workers in the kitchen before brutally punching one of the women in the face. But he didn’t know the other woman was armed with

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