Love Louder: Choosing Life without Exceptions

I speak with Jeff and his wife Jennifer Christie who was violently raped in 2014.

This is their powerful story of survival and healing. And the most unexpected realization that Jennifer conceived a baby in that horrific situation.
Watch our interview to find out what happens next…

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Author: {Obianuju Ekeocha}

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A Message for President Biden: The Unified Voices of Africa

President Biden has taken a most unfortunate step to repeal the Mexico City Policy, a policy that protected Africa’s most innocent unborn babies by withholding funds from international abortion organizations.

So in response to this, Culture of Life Africa presents “A Message to President Biden: The Unified Voices of Africa”

This timely video project features Africans from different countries across the continent and also from different works of life, speaking out against the funding of abortion in Africa.

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Exposing the Gates Agenda in Africa


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Author: {Obianuju Ekeocha}… Read more