12/26: As the Gov’t “shutdown” continues, the House is debating whether or not to legislate a new Select Committee For A Green New Deal, that will give Congress the power to use Tax payer money to massively further our own enslavement using Climate Change totalitarian propaganda as it basis. Coupled with the Quantum Moonshot agenda, slated to remake our National economy the resource that fuels a massive quantum computer that reads our very thoughts in order to run our lives and lock-down our country, the GND would ensure the complete and total, real-time control of the human domain.


https://dailycaller.com/2018/12/20/house-democrats-green-new-deal/… Read more

#TRUMPDIMENSION: 5D Gov’t “Shutdown” of the De_p State, Mattis Trolling, Q+ Assurance #SCOTUS

12/21: President Trump and his Patriot Team continue to leave the Deep State in the dust as they forge a path for our freedom! Mattis trolls the de_p state with his resignation letter and the beat goes on. Keep the faith, stay strong and pray for the protection of President Trump, our Republic(s) and for all the children needing protection at this time, when Luciferian cults are holding their “high holiday” sick satanic rituals. The evil must end and it is up to us to be part of the freedom team.

Here is a look at David Kramer, who leaked … Read more

#SURVIVE: BIG Med/Pharma Must End #J&JCancer #Prayers4S

12/17: Fight back against the Mandate and save your life!




Talcum Powder Settlement


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#TREASON: Generals Confront MACRON, FIGHT the USA Driving Tax Proposal! #YELLOWJACKETMAGA

#TREASON: Generals Confront MACRON, FIGHT the USA Driving Tax Proposal! #YELLOWJACKETMAGA

12/15: French Generals warn Macron that he will be committing treason if he signs the UN Migration Pact. Meanwhile, Canadians plan ongoing Yellow Vest Revolt this weekend and USA Rep. Defazio, (D-OR), veteran socialist and now head of the House Transportation Committee proposed a Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax that will violate the 4th Amendment of the Constitution! #YELLOWVESTMAGA!!

DeFazio presents Vehicle Miles Travelled Tax:

French Generals Accuse Macron of “Treason” Over UN Migration Pact

“Leave Means Leave” holds BREXIT Rally today:

The new “President of Europe”:


Please go to National Liberty Alliance and learn about your role … Read more

#GINGERBREAD: CF on Naughty List, Santa Q Brings Hammer! #QT #Q+0

#GINGERBREAD: CF on Naughty List, Santa Q Brings Hammer! #QT #Q+0

12/13: The Clint_n Foundation Whistleblowers began their testimonies today and Santa Q brings the hammer at Trump Towers! Meanwhile, the COP24 Climate conference continues in Poland where protestors appear on cue to interrupt the Trump administration’s presentation on clean coal options. Energy fascism is escalating rapidly worldwide.
Information on the COP24 Climate Conference currently taking place in Poland:


You can watch the first half of the testimony before Congress today on Clinton Foundation pay-for-play:

Please subscribe to Judicial Watch and consider donating in your family and friends names as Christmas gifts this year! Give the gift of Justice! … Read more

#ARIZONAMAFIA: NXIVM, Jan_t Napolitano, Trump Trolls Pelosi #QARMY

#ARIZONAMAFIA: NXIVM, Jan_t Napolitano, Trump Trolls Pelosi #QARMY

12/11: Tonight Prez. Trump trolled the Gang of Hate, exposing that the Patriot team has cracked down on the massive trafficking operations on the southern US border that involves the highest players in Congress, the SES, Mexican politicians and billionaires and EU bureaucrats.

NXIVM trial pushed back to March – Judge scolds Raniere’s attorney – compares him to third grader

For a short cut on the Jeffrey Petersen intelligence that outlines the deep dive on J_net Napo_tano, Mobile Corp., NXIVM:

Check out President Trump school P_losi and Sh_mer today:

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#EUARMY: EU (UN) Police State, #LeakinComey Tre_son, UN (EU) Migration War Plan #4thBucket

#EUARMY: EU (UN) Police State, #LeakinComey Tre_son, UN (EU) Migration War Plan #4thBucket

12/10 Why wasn’t GW B_sh at his father’s side at his death? How did GhwB really die? When? Why was BHO in Houston the day before B_sh’s “death”? Meanwhile, the first deployment of Macron’s EU Army is against the people of the European Union living in France and Belgium. Exactly. We all must stand with the brave people of Europe standing up against the gl_balist regime (Frexit!) attempting to permanently destroy their ways of life, as well as with the people of the UK fighting for Br_xit!

You can read Lyin’ Leakin’ C_mey’s Dec. 7 “testimony” here:
Transcript of James Read more

#LOYALDOG : GhwB (Scher_f) JESU_T DEATH RITUAL Over, Attack Continues! #ONGUARD

#LOYALDOG : GhwB (Scher_f) JESU_T DEATH RITUAL Over, Attack Continues! #ONGUARD

12/5: Instead of Congressional Hearings, we get a Jesuit death magic ritual. Hillary and Bill fall asleep alternatively, while President Trump seethes. WE, the People, are charged to uphold the Constitution, defend the Republic(s) and oust the globalist fascist L_ciferians. This is it, it is on us, as much as “The Plan”.

“Think Mirror,”: Q.

The Carbon criminal, Al Gore, Jr., is at it again, with his posse of brainwashed, sold out celebs:

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#DOGWHISTLE: (D)ennis (N)athan (C)ain, TRUMP: “Thanks, George” #QPLANET

12/04: So, (D)ennis (N)athan (C)ain, eg, DNC= “WB” with top secret security clearance, specializing in FISA and SIGINT! Multiple Investigations are coalescing into the Eye of the Storm! And 12/11 approaches… Think Mirror, Q.

Please read the incredible article by Jeff Carlson from the Epoch Times outlining the investigations vortex!
Another great ET article for complete clarity on the development of #SPYGATE, Russian collusion and the extent of who (Deep State Dems, Neocons, globalists, both domestic and international) is implicated:

Jeffrey Epstein trials dismissed with announcement of settlement, again:
You can look at the Miami Herald’s extended … Read more

#WW3: eFFies R_ssia, Iran, Saudis, Adm. St_arney Murder? #GITMO

#WW3:  eFFies R_ssia, Iran, Saudis, Adm. St_arney Murder? #GITMO

12/03: Today Q assures us that Treason is priority #1 and that Gitmo is receiving 100 troops for a 400 day deployment! However, the am-BUSH of HgwB’s lying (that’s for sure!) in wait in the Capitol will postpone the Huber Dec. 5th Congressional hearings. Meanwhile, the Banksters with Israel’s help were diverted from executing an FF to start war with Iran and Admiral Stearney, commander of the US Naval Forces in Bahrain, appears to have been murdered attempting to either prevent the event or…? All of this while Theresa May and the British Royals pay Poryshenko/The Ukraine to face off … Read more