#FREEHEMISPHERE: POTUS Declares West Will Be Rid Of Socialism #48DARK #Censorship

2/18: Today POTUS announced that the VZ military will get no quarter if they do not accept amnesty. He announces plan to possibly bring “freedom” to Cuba and Nicaragua. Meanwhile, the 25th Amendment conspiracy to remove the President by #wives is being exposed!

President Trump’s speech on Venezuela today. Please support Golden State Times for their coverage of all POTUS events:

Here are YAFTV’s 2 previous videos discussing Guaido’s history:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Area 17 Ground Zero discusses the “Envelopes” involvement with the 25th Amendment plan to remove POTUS:

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#TREASON: POTUS Nat. Emergency Vs. Pel_si DS Coup #WeTheSheeple #GetTheLOut

2/15: President Trump declared a National Emergency today to defend the Southern border of the USA as the Congressional bill, supported by both the Senate and House promotes measures that undermine the Constitution of the Republic. Meanwhile, the slow-rolling Coup against an elected President becomes evident to an increasingly larger segment of the American population.

Golden State Times shows POTUS announcing the National Emergency:

Announcement of the National Emergency:

Inside the White House:

The transcript of the National Emergency speech today:

Conservative Press You Tube channel posts the Alan Dershowitz interview on Tucker Carlson:

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#QUANTUMHEART: Heart Health, Carbon 60 & the Quantum Self #Athletes #C60PurplePower

2/14: Happy Healthy Heart Day! On Valentine’s Day, You Are Free TV hosts Ken of C60 Purple Power to discuss Heart Health, Carbon 60 and the Quantum nature of Carbon 60 and human beings! Also, Ken reports on how athletes are excelling while taking C60 and how we can optimize our workouts and training using C60 to boost performance and greatly reduce recovery time!

This is one of my favorite articles describing the benefits of C60. And it is from a website, misticotravels.com, that focuses on the incredible abilities of the human heart!

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2/13: El Chapo was found guilty on all counts in the same NY district court as the NXIVM trials underway now. Meanwhile, the HSBC bank connects to all involved. The same players manufactured the GND to execute the gen_cide 2020 plan and were partially thwarted in the LA contagion-release military op that was executed a few days ago…


Red Pill 78 put out this excellent video of the LA RAID of the Girardi building on Wilshire Blvd:

El Chapo found guilty on all counts yesterday:

NXIVM hearing ocurred on 2/6/19:

Report of Court Hearing today – ‘the number

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#QCONFIRM: POTUS in El Paso, Beto-Male, Grammys Cabal #ArtOfWar

2/12: Last night, President Trump confirmed Q+ in El Paso. We watched Beto O’Rourke give an epic-fail speech condemning borders while he spoke behind a 20 foot fence, with a check-point entrance. Meanwhile, The MSM pushes an FF story about a MAGA guy attacking a cameraman…

President Trump in El Paso Texas last night:


George P Bush, the son of Jeb Bush is now the Land Commissioner of Texas, and under his watch, The Alamo was taken away from Guardianship by the Daughters of the Confederacy and given to the United Nations, meaning the ALAMO is no longer run … Read more

#CLEANBILL: POTUS “Very Healthy”, Deep State SICK #IMPEACH #Absher

2/11: President Trump received his clean bill of health over the weekend and is set to be at the Border to confront Beto O’Rourke’s corrupt minions tonight. Meanwhile, the Deep State is veraciously launching impeachment, dragnets and every possible stop gap to prevent their utter impending demise.


Apple And Google ALLOW “Women-Tracking” App For Saudi Arabian Men To Track Their Wives





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#GREENMAGICBEANS: Cortez GND Failure-to-Launch, AG Whitaker Dominates #CNNFBI

2/8: Rep. Cortez slammed by Pelosi as “green dreamer” and Cortez is nixed from the very council she promoted, the new House Special Committee on the Environment. Meanwhile, AG Whitaker withstands incredible slander and bullying by the Oversight Committee dems.

YAFTV is putting this video up ASAP bc it was supposed to be a live-stream and was prevented by YT. Links will be added within the hour. WE ARE FREE!



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2/7: Mueller was hauled before the court in 2002 for 75 cases of FISA abuse. Meanwhile, RBG FF staged in DC on 2/5. We are being entrained accept massive fragmentation while infantic_de is being pushed for the benefit of Big MED/Pharma/Tech– the biomedical industry is a creation of the Cabal meant to take over human reproduction.


Why Isn’t Ginsburg at the State of the Union? No, She’s Not Dead, Despite Death Hoaxes

The Mysterious Case Of RBG: After Long-Awaited Public Appearance


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#REGIMECHANGE: Venezuela, Guaido, IMF, IRI #RESET #PopularWill

For a comprehensive understanding of the history of the regime change in Venezuela:
Maxine Waters urges Americans not to watch SOTU:

Maxine Waters, head of the House Finance Committee, funneled millions of TP bailout $ to her own bank:

Maxine Waters isn’t in any position to lecture on ethics–Corrupt? Openly?

The Truth About Venezuela

Juan Guaido and the National Endowment for Democracy and the International Republican Institute:

The Making Of Juan Guaidó: How The US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader

And the NED and IRI did the same thing in Haiti under the Bush/Clinton watch (think: “Give to … Read more