Exposed! BLM funds Democrat groups; Largest pro-Trump group launched; Pentagon confirms UFO video

The Georgia Election Reform Saga is not over yet. Corporations continue attacking the voting laws and threaten to boycott the state by moving their businesses somewhere else. Now, Fortune 500 corporate executives, Wall Street firms, and attorneys at some of the nation’s largest law offices are working with the Brennan Justice Center to pressure lawmakers of other states, not to pass similar election reforms. The corporate coalition, led by Former American Express chief executive Kenneth Chenault and Merck chief executive Kenneth Frazier, is seeking to sue states for passing election reforms while threatening to pull their business endeavors from states … Read more

Will Smith boycotts Georgia; Rob Reiner calls GOP White Nationalism;Gun control benefits GOP midterm

At least on the surface, we’ve noticed Hollywood products have become morally corrupt over the years, sometimes to an astonishing level. However outside theatres, Hollywood also plays a role in politics from time to time. “Emancipation,” a slave drama starring Will Smith, has been pulled out of Georgia, making it the first major Hollywood film to boycott the Peach State.

Dave Heller, a Democratic strategist who has worked for House candidates across the country says if proposals to ban assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines come to the House floor, no Democratic lawmaker aiming for a Senate seat in 2022 is … Read more

FDA pauses J&J vaccine; Virus variant affects the vaccinated more; Biden sued for environment damage

Yesterday, we reported a COVID-19 vaccination site in Forsyth County, Georgia, halted operations last week after eight people experienced adverse reactions post-vaccination. All eight had received Johnson & Johnson shots.

While the city’s on fire, or under the threat of fire, BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors was excited over her “real estate buying binge.” The self-described Marxist last month purchased a $1.4 million home in Los Angeles. A Twitter user quipped, “So now we know BLM really just means Buy Large Mansion.”

YouTube has announced that they will start removing any content contesting the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election. … Read more

Stallone joins Trump’s club; 40% Marines decline vaccines; Michigan audit finds 66k invalid ballots

Hollywood is strictly controlled by the Left. Conservative values are nearly extinct in Hollywood films. How many celebrities support Trump? Very few, or at least they don’t dare publicly support him. You can imagine how quickly they’ll be canceled, but Sylvester Stallone is an exception. Recently he became a member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club.

The US Marine Corps appears to lack confidence in COVID-19 vaccines. A Pentagon official told several news outlets that nearly 40% of the Marines declined the vaccine. The vaccine refusal rate went even higher since February. At Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, one of the prominent … Read more

Trump as Speaker of the House?; Newest Fox TV member: Pompeo; Trump urges Ron Johnson to run again

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has joined Fox News Media as a contributor, Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott announced on Thursday. In her statement she said, “Mike Pompeo is one of America’s most recognized and respected voices on foreign policy and national security issues. I look forward to his contributions across our range of platforms to share his distinct perspective with our millions of viewers.”

Distributing vaccines is a lucrative business. CVS Pharmacy has a good reason to become one of the vaccine administers but new speculation suggests it might have achieved its goal through BRIBING.

YouTube has announced … Read more

Trump’s new endorsement; Biden wants the border wall back?; Biden takes executive action on guns

Biden is expected to unveil his first set of actions on gun control today. A senior official from his administration said Biden isn’t waiting for Congress; he’ll use executive actions to curb, quote, “gun violence”. Of the six executive gun control actions one will target “ghost guns”.

Last month, Alabama Republican Representative Mo Brooks announced his run for the Senate 2022. Rep. Brooks is a sixth term congressman. He gained much of the spotlight in the past election for being an outspoken ally of former President Trump. Brooks was the first congressman to publicly announce that he would challenge Electoral … Read more

Fauci sent MILLIONS to Wuhan lab for coronavirus study; Florida & Texas ban vaccine passport

As Dr. Fauci’s credibility rapidly plunged in recent weeks, the real scandal of his secret dealing with the CCP’s virus lab is in the spotlight again. Republican Rep. Scott Perry recently pointed out it’s “very concerning” that NIAID, led by Fauci bypassed federal oversight with its funding of the WIV. Perry said, “When it comes to oversight of U.S. tax dollars headed to the Chinese Communist Party, Dr. Fauci seems like he’s literally whistling past the graveyard.”

DeSantis repeatedly criticized the proposals for vaccine passports. He forbids local governments and businesses in Florida from requiring vaccine certificates saying, “vaccination records … Read more

Debunked! 60 Minutes frames Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis; CocaCola wants shareholder ID not Voter ID

CBS caught misrepresenting statements by Florida Gov. Ron DeSnatis. Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner said, “We discussed our own local plans to expand mass vaccinations centers throughout the country, which the Governor has been incredibly supportive of. We asked and he delivered. They had that information, and they left it out because it kneecaps their narrative.”

Coca-Cola required shareholders to produce a valid photo ID for its 2020 meeting stating, “At the entrance to the meeting, we will verify your registration and request to see your admission ticket and a valid form of photo identification, such as a driver’s … Read more

MLB boycotts Georgia after expanding China deal;Washington’s 1777 vision tells America’s destiny

Georgia election reforms have sparked a frenzy among Democrats and some voter rights groups. Since Georgia passed the election reform bill, civil rights groups including the New Georgia Project and Black Voters Matter…criticized Georgia-based companies like Delta and Coca-Cola for not doing enough to speak out against the reforms.

In a vision, God revealed to George Washington three great perils on American soil. He was told that America was going through the first peril at that time, which was the American Revolution. An old soldier named Anthony Sherman heard the story from Washington’s own lips. Decades later in 1859, Sherman … Read more

Trump: Biden’s $2T plan is a giveaway to China; Greene push to fire Fauci & Ban vaccine passports

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced 2 bills on April 1st. One of the bills, the ‘Fire Fauci Act’ which would cut Anthony Fauci’s salary to ZERO. Greene said “Americans deserve better than a self-promoting career bureaucrat like Fauci, who spent the last year getting it wrong almost all the time. According to the Washington Examiner, Anthony Fauci is among the top paid federal workers at a salary of $434,000.

After the $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Plan rolled out, Biden unveiled the next phase of his legislative agenda in Pittsburgh on Wednesday: another $2.2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan. It got a grand … Read more