Wisconsin GOP ensures there will be Arizona-style audit; Majority bipartisan voters support audits

On Monday, Wisconsin state lawmaker, Republican Janel Brandtjen has promising news for voters. She formally called for a forensic examination of the 2020 election and announced she’ll be working to that end. Brandtjen is the chair of the Wisconsin’s Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee. She visited the Arizona audit earlier this month. In a July 26th press release, she said, “The people of Wisconsin deserve to know the truth about the 2020 election.” She also said the state has 22 months to investigate irregularities after an election and 2020 had plenty of problems.

A Rasmussen poll from June shows 55% … Read more

DOJ “DROPS” Cuomo’s nursing home death scandal AND Visa cases against 5 CCP spies stealing US intel

The Justice Department on Friday notified Republican lawmakers that it would not investigate nursing home policies in New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Last year, governors from these states ordered nursing homes to accept patients who tested positive. Health groups said that these orders caused a large number of unnecessary deaths among seniors. My heart goes out to those families who lost loved ones.

And last week, federal prosecutors decided to drop criminal charges against five members of the CCP military. All of them were accused of fraudulently obtaining visas to stay in U.S. universities in California and Indiana.… Read more

Pennsylvania decertifies county voting machines; CRT opposition growing, Biden admin backs down

The Pennsylvania Department of State decertified Fulton County’s voting system for future elections. Now to avoid confusion, Pennsylvania also has a Fulton County. In a July 21 statement, the Democrat-controlled State Department said the software company Wake TSI’s access to the county’s voting system didn’t meet chain of custody and access limitations necessary to prevent tampering. It particularly stressed that Dominion is now unable to affirm that its system continues to meet state and federal certification standards. Why is it that Dominion can never certify its own machines whenever a “third party” comes and looks at its equipment?

The Biden … Read more

Rand Paul TORCHES Fauci & asks DOJ for criminal referral; Biden Admin admits “ERROR” in pushing CRT

Sen. Rand Paul had another opportunity to grill Dr. Anthony Fauci. On Tuesday, Paul kicked off the hearing going straight for the jugular. He said to Fauci, “Knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11 where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan.” Fauci was visibly upset by the allegation he had denied over and over again. However, until the day he’s in court, he’ll be forever bothered by this.

Thanks to every parent and every American coming forward to defend patriotism and true … Read more

Soros & Gates buys Covid testing company; Dems trying to block Trump from being Speaker of House

George Soros and Bill Gates, two globalist billionaires, have teamed up to dominate and profit from the COVID industry. On July 19th, a consortium backed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced the launch of Global Access Health—— a social enterprise offering affordable state-of-the-art medical technologies. At first glance this appears very philanthropic but on closer examination we can see something else going on.

Bill Melugin from FOX reported alarming news yesterday from the Rio Grande Valley the number of migrants testing positive in the region surged NINE HUNDRED percent in the first two … Read more

Texas bill calls to forensic audit 13 counties; LA sheriff DEFIES orders won’t enforce mask mandate

After the months-long Arizona audit, lawmakers in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have pushed for their own reviews, and so has Texas. On Monday, Texas State Rep. Steve Toth introduced a bill to audit election results in the THIRTEEN most populous counties. Although Texas isn’t among the contested states, Toth felt the effort is necessary to reassure voters.

The nation’s largest county Los Angeles reinstated an indoor mask mandate, causing distrust among local authorities and residents. Starting this past Saturday, people regardless of their vaccination status, are required to wear masks. However the county’s Sheriff Alex Villanueva is not on board. In … Read more

Wisconsin requests FULL FORENSIC AUDIT; Biden: Facebook not censoring enough for vaccine goals

In Wisconsin, voting discrepancies in Arizona and Georgia prompted state lawmakers to call to expand the review to a full forensic audit. Ramthun leads the review effort on behalf of the Wisconsin Assembly, a group of retired police officers, and the Legislative Audit Bureau.

The White House is blaming Facebook for not doing enough to suppress quote “COVID misinformation” on its platform. The social media giant immediately pushed back. One of its officials replied that the administration is looking for “scapegoats” after it missed its vaccination goal. But are things that simple? And what is this misinformation? No one says! … Read more

Arizona & Georgia audits show MASSIVE irregularities; Cuba protests expose socialists within US gov

Election watchdog group, VoterGA on Wednesday dropped the bombshell—Fulton County’s 2020 election had serious issues. The group analyzed mail-in ballot images obtained through a court order and discovered 60% of the over 1,500 batch tallies audited didn’t match the official vote count on Election Day.

Tioga County Commissioners decided not to give access to its voting systems or system components after receiving a directive from the Pennsylvania State Department. The directive orders county boards not to give third parties access to voting machines.

Last Sunday, Cuba had the largest protests in decades. Thousands of Cubans went to the streets demanding … Read more

New evidence reveals Georgia audit has 60% error rate; Ex-staffers terrified of Harris becoming Pres

An election watchdog group, VoterGA revealed bombshell evidence that the hand-count audit last year in the troubled Fulton County, had massive errors.

Kamala Harris seems to have fallen from grace after Politico broke the story of dysfunction and infighting in her office. Yesterday, Insider published another report about Harris’s former staff terrified at the thought of her becoming president.

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AZ audit results confirm ballot count mismatch;Radio Host Larry Elder enters Cali’s recall election

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann yesterday confirmed the ballot count led by Cyber Ninjas doesn’t match the Maricopa County tally for the 2020 election. Cyber Ninjas hasn’t released any numbers yet but the Senate is now set to conduct its own recount using new machines.

In California, another Republican is joining the race to replace Gavin Newsom, who faces a recall precisely two months from now. Conservative host Larry Elder announced his bid on July 12th. Elder described the government of California as an “absolute mess.”

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