Donna Kinnair Slips up Live: “We haven’t infected enough of the population with this virus”

In reference to your earlier conversation about the lockdown, we know we haven’t infected enough of the population with this virus.

Then goes on to say we need to "track and trace" people.

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JFK Jr. Reads Monica Lewinsky’s poem about being a Pizza with Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld

JFK Jr. Reads Monica Lewinsky’s childhood poem about being a Pizza, that she wrote when she was 9, that was printed in George Magazine.
"How I can be a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner if you’re weird. A round and flat piece of dough with lots of toppings. I am a mouth’s best friend. I make you say, ‘yum, yum’".

Jay Leno: It’s amazing how kids know at a young age what they are going to do with their lives.

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Jon Podesta describes Pizzagate in 2017

Jon Podesta describes Pizzagate in an uncanny way.
Jon Podesta: "Yeah, you know it’s interesting, because it’s subterranean in large part. It shows up in the Facebook newsfeed, but you don’t see it, because it’s not…If anything, it’s being debunked in the mainstream media.

So in those sources of news…it’s…you don’t, touch it and feel it as much, as you might imagine.

But it’s sinister. It’s a kind of vile stream that’s running under the ground, that, um, begins to really I think, you know, have it’s effect, take it’s toll. And obviously the worst conspiracy, where it culminated in … Read more

John Kasich on CNN accidentally saying Senator John McCain was “put to death”

Sen. John Kasich (R-OH) CNN Sep 6, 2018

John Kasich "The other thing is, when you look at the Congress though, it’s like 24 hours since John McCain was put to death, and look at this circus of a hearing that’s going on".

The original CNN Clip

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ABC News Reporter accidentally says “arresting” 8 thousand in Italy during Corona Virus Event

Pandemic ABC New Reporter, "He’s also saying we are also not out of the woods yet, warning people to take the lock-down seriously, experts arresting eight, er, finding eight thousand people in just the past week, reminding them, that now is the time to act.

Italians are saying what is happening in their country should be a reminder of what could happen to the rest of the world"

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Tom Hanks Pizzagate discussion with Patton Oswald and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Tom Hanks gives his detailed thoughts on humanity and pizzagate, with complexity, nuance and elements of soft disclosure.
Tom Hanks: "A personal individual bent, that is different as there are people in the world…Do you look to all this for enlightenment, to help you understand things you do not understand, or do you look for it as confirmation of that which you already believe and accept as to be true?

Because I, you know like there was that despicable aspect of Pizzagate, you know, the pizza parlor in suburban Washington, and I am sure that there were tweets that came … Read more

The Genealogy of the Constitution: An Important Lesson For Patriots -KrisAnne Hall

Essential education for Patriots and all Americans: The Genealogy of The Constitution, conducted by Mrs. KrisAnne Hall at Camp Constitution’s 2015 Annual Summer Camp. Camp Constitution is an all volunteer association of Americanists_____________________________

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All Rights Reserved: Mrs. KrisAnne Hall, Constitution Camp

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Dr. R. Ken Johnston, Sr.: The Moon, Disclosure and President Trump

Dr. R. Ken Johnston, Sr. is a retired aerospace engineer, US Marine and Author. He discusses structures photographed on the moon during the Apollo Missions, the idea of Full Disclosure, his time working with NASA, and President Trump’s involvement in disclosure, at the conclusion of the interview. Interview recorded at the Awakening Expo.

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