Brazen Takeover Leading Up To Inauguration Day

By James Fitzgerald

This was to be an article about
the transition team of Joe Biden in the run up to his possible inauguration.
However, the unfolding events over the past few days cast new light on the
nature of the presidential election and added credence to claims that the
sitting president has been subject to an attempted coup on many levels. It
would be unjournalistic and naive to echo the fait accompli of the corporate
media about who will take the presidential podium on January 20th without first
charting the staggering developments in the corporate media.

It has been

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The Purge Just Got Real

A censorship storm just surged across America, taking down conservatives and independents faster than they could share their contact information, and the biggest censorship of all, was removing a sitting President. From Twitter to Facebook, Shopify, Instagram, and everything in between, they just erased the President of the United States of America.

Millions of conservatives and independents are being removed from all platforms and quickly jumping ship to Parler and Gab. Of course, Apple threatened to remove Parler from their phone app, and Google has done the same. Now there is talk of their internet server providers gunning for them,

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All of this data is extracted from the CDC, WHO, Johns Hopkins, White House task force press conferences, and scientific studies. All direct source links are cited below the list of statistics. A printable pdf version is available at the bottom of this page for those who wish to print and distribute these facts.

  1. 90% of Covid-positive individuals are asymptomatic. This is the most significant and meaningful statistic of all.
  2. Asymptomatic Covid-positive have a spread rate of only 0.7% – less than 1%. They are NOT super spreaders.
  3. Survival rate of ages 0-69 is 99.82%. Survival rate of age 70+
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Vaccine ID Passport Spurs Future Underground Black Market

Surely I jest. Or do I?

Maybe I’ve watched one too many movies, or maybe I’ve spent over 15,000 hours researching their plans and agendas for us all? Will it get this far? Is this just a joke? I could write up a short film on this and make it really intriguing, but let’s just stick with the list for now. New vaccine ID passports are all the rage! They have laid out their goal in print: there will be no more flying, leaving the country, concerts, movie theaters, or entry into offices or places of business, unless you get

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The Plot To Steal America

This is a brilliant 18-minute video about the plot to steal America, produced by Man in America. It is a must watch for every American citizen to understand that this historical time we are in requires great action by all, right here, right now. There is no more time to waste – not a month, not a week, not another minute.

The original video can be found on YouTube here (until YouTube decides to remove it). I have downloaded the video and embedded it below, just in case that should happen.

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The post The Plot To Steal

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COVID-19 Pt. 4: The “Test” That Changed The World is Deeply Flawed

It’s hard to imagine that a single test could change the world so drastically, especially when the test itself is riddled with problems. Scientists are calling for the retraction of the original protocol used in the Covid-19 tests . The New York Times even raised red flags about it, and Dr. Anthony Fauci himself has said that if the cycle threshold is set too high, it will pick up dead nucleotides, which causes false positives. Once people understand that one of the biggest reasons why 90% of those who test positive have no symptoms, is because the tests themselves were
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My Personal Experience with Covid-19 and Digging Up The Evidence, for Transparency

As an investigative journalist, I have written numerous
reports on Covid-19, including information from inside the hospitals, tying together
data points, the science, big pharma, funding, therapeutics and vaccines, and the
impact it has had on our economy to the detriment of the people. In addition to
hundreds of hours of research, analysis, and first-hand observations, I have
had personal experiences and connected with many in the medical field. Because
I have published so many reports regarding Covid-19, for transparency purposes,
I want to share how I have arrived at my conclusions, as well as gathered the
evidence to back
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COVID-19 Pt. 3: Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facility Deaths “With” OR “From” Covid Facts

It has consistently been
reported that nursing homes and long-term care facilities account for 40% of
all Covid-related deaths, but how do these numbers actually breakdown? Is the
general population aware that they are including these deaths in the total mortality
data if they test positive but it’s not the cause of death, as Dr. Deborah Birx
from the White House Covid-19 Task Force has stated, and as the CDC disclosed? Hospitalization
has also been distorted and is incredibly misleading, which was
covered in part
of this report, including the fact that the 2017-2018 flu season far
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Americans Feel The Crunch as Food Lines Grow

Food lines on a scale not seen
since the Great Depression are springing up across America, and official
unemployment rolls suggest 22 million people are out of work, as pandemic
restrictions hit small businesses and workforces of all kinds.

The much mooted “Dark Winter” of Covid-19 is here, if media reports are to be believed. Medical pundits predicted in this second wave as early as February, suggesting that it was going to be a multi-year pandemic. Their bravado and cynicism seemed premeditated when other factors are taken into consideration: the “viral strain” has yet to be identified specifically and the

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The U.S. Constitution vs The Communist Party USA Constitution Through The Eyes of a Teenager

This is the most critical time in U.S. history. Right here. Right now. Election and voter fraud have reached a level of criminality that we will never come back from if this battle is not won. The constitution is being stomped on by authoritarian governors and people are losing their freedoms, rights, businesses, and sanity over an alleged virus with a 98.1% survival rate overall. There is ultimately no risk left, because we’ve already unwillingly sacrificed so much, so now more than ever people must stand firm, speak up, blow the whistle, take action, and fight like your life depends
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