Viral Pop Song Makes Fun Of Chinese Keyboard Warriors; Climate Change Used As A Weapon By China

Listen to the viral song:

A viral pop song makes fun of the Chinese regime. Beijing is so mad but can’t do anything about it. Let’s listen to Malaysian-Chinese Rapper Namewee’s satirical song, and I’ll explain to you what the lyrics mean. Plus, China’s newest weapon testing is not the only problem we have. I’ll tell you why climate change is being used to fool the American government into thinking–China will be better. This raises the big question. What is the main focus of the United States? Climate change or the threatening nuclear weapons in China?

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China’s Hypersonic Test Can Bypass US’s Missile Defense; Squid Game’s Plot Reveal Organ Harvesting

Today the United States is facing a new challenge from China. A hypersonic weapon capable of avoiding the US’s defense. This is a wake-up call for the US to boost its own defense and improve its nuclear arsenal. Since there is an arms race taking place. Will the US rise to the challenge? Plus, how would Taiwan’s freedom change with the new ability for China to strike the US? Will the United States still hold the promise to defend the island? We will talk about that.

Squid Game, the popular Netflix show, has a hidden plot. It exposes the evil … Read more

America’s Credibility Test Is Defending Taiwan From China; Dr. Malcolm Davis Discuss AUKUS in Space

The next phone you buy may cost double if China invades Taiwan. Because Taiwan’s semiconductor business will be under the Communist Party’s control. They could then leverage economic deals against the United States. What’s more? How about a new car, or a new laptop costing way more than before? The impact on consumers is just one reason for the US to defend Taiwan. Other reasons include keeping a democratic country safe. But nothing comes close to the reason of credibility.

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Is China Inside Your Pockets? Alipay Partners With JP Morgan Has China Watchers Worried About Spying

America’s largest bank is working with China’s payment app, Alipay. Behind that convenient app lies a huge risk to Amercan’s data security. In the age of IT. Big Data is a weapon. And warfare is more subtle than you think. We talk about the potential danger of working with Chinese payment apps. And what could be the goal of the Chinese Communist Party to introduce it to the American market. Plus, Huawei is a great case study for this new soft power invasion. Plus, we talk about Xi Jinping’s speech defining “democracy”. What does he wish to achieve by twisting … Read more

Xi Jinping Destroys Private Media Ownership; Former FBI Agent Details New Arrest on Nuclear Engineer

In this episode of Chinese leader Xi Jinping cracking down on everything! The newest victims are banks and news outlets! All it takes to destroy them is one proposal. We will bring you up to date on what the CCP is doing to their own legs and arms. That is the piggy bank and the mouthpiece of the party. Plus, what it means for the future of private ownership in China. I’ll tell you the details.

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Did China’s Hostage Diplomacy Work? A Look Back At Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou Arrest and Release

Imagine a doctor forcing you to have a surgery you never agreed to. So they can extort money from you. You don’t have to imagine that. It’s happening in China. A 17-year-old girl was put on the operating table for a surgery she never agreed to. We talked about this shocking news.

Plus, the hostage exchange between Meng Wanzhou and the two Canadians was quite controversial. We speak with two experts about the behaviors of the Chinese Communist Party and how the world will view them in the future. Plus, how should we examine our policy with China on those … Read more

REAL Reasons Xi Jinping Refuses To Meet Biden In Person; Biden’s Copycat Obama China Policy

Tonight we explain the real reasons behind Chinese leader Xi Jinping not going to in person meetings with foreign leaders. What is his concern? His power? his health or he’s afraid to meet the press? In over 600 days, Xi Jinping hasn’t left the country to meet with someone face to face. In fact, his last meeting was in January of 2020.

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Officials From China’s ‘Gestapo’ Facing Corruption Investigation; China’s Korean War Propaganda Film

Tonight the discussion focuses on the 610 office. The Gestapo’ of China was created by former CCP leader Jiang Zemin. It’s used to persecute Falun Gong practitioners in China. The director of the 610 office oversees this extra-legal organization and commands the vast resources of the public security (police), state security, propaganda, and the education ministries in China. Yet, it is precisely this director position that is known in China as the ‘death’ position for the person’s political career in the Communist party.

Former directors of the 610 office were brought down during the ‘anti-corruption campaign’ by current leader Xi … Read more

Biden’s BIG Misconception of China; Trade War: Taiwan and China Aim for CPTPP Acceptance

Today we look at the biggest trade showdown in Asia. It is a struggle to allow Taiwan into the CPTPP. It’s a pacific trade agreement where both “Chinas” want to be a part of. China applied to join the partnership to be alongside other free-market economies like Japan and Canada. But Taiwan applied days later to compete with China. I ask economist and author Clyde Prestowitz on the likelihood and the political implications behind the moves by Taiwan and China.

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Former DNI Ratcliffe Refutes Mark Milley Calls To China; French Study Exposes CCP Global Plans

A new detailed study exposes the Chinese Communist Party. We will bring you the latest details on what the 311 branch in the Chinese military does to Americans. How the CCP uses the 610 system to persecute religious believers. And the talking point of blood lines to fool overseas Chinese.

Plus, former intelligence chief John Ratcliffe calls out Mark Milley on his reasons for calling the Chinese general in fear of President Trump attacking China. He says there was no knowledge of China being threatened by the US. So where did Mark Milley get this idea from. And wait until … Read more