Light Black Women In Civil Rights….

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Author: {Ashley Loren}

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Black Male Betrayal- Black History Month

Zora Neale Hurston’s anthropological work in Jamaica and Haiti

Systems of black nations were designed to favor the man. There was nothing much you could do to be acceptable to society… unless you were born into a social class or lighter.

Which is why we say divest today. These same attitudes are still here. Expand your options=extending the list of honourable requirements.

No reasonable person has time to sit and here a man complain about how you don’t meet his robotic idea of perfection that no one can reach. That’s a fleeting concept. Get around someone you can move your … Read more

Child Abandonment Black in Brazil WHITE MAN EXPOSES THE BLACK MAN FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO LEAD 2 Black Americans fight Ecuador jail time

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Black Divesters…Other Races Hate Rude Public Disloyalty.

State the issues. Just no namecalling.

Just check out some of the white liberals in Jason Whitlock’s comments. Decent people don’t respect name callers. Be careful.

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Tyre Nichols and a Word for Black Women

Know your ministry:

Only do what you feel..
1. pray
2. do nothing
3. talk to family.
4. make a video.
5. talk about black woman protection.

Do whatever you believe moves the black community forward. Do not be persuaded to do whatever is not in you to do.
There is a reason you do not feel compelled to protest and others do.

We need protestors.
We need prayers.
We need women warning other women to prepare to move out of the black community.
We need some to be silent and send a message to the worst offenders of our … Read more

Tyre Nichols…Changing Media Settings

Settings and Support
Privacy and Safety
Mute and Block
Muted Words
Click the Plus sign at the top right-hand corner
Type in Tyre Nichols’ name

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