MK10: DOS Lied and Lied, Hiding the Gross Raniere

Here is another article from the artist and writer MK10ART. Most of the sketches and paintings below are her work. To see more of her artwork, click here.

MK10ART has her view of the Dossier project and DOS. It might be good for the Dossier women to read her article. It might help them get a blunt and candid perspective on how outsiders view their efforts. But, on the other hand, Dossier women are welcome to rebut any views they disagree with found on these pages.


Message to any women who are thinking of joining ‘The Dossier

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Hawaii Five -0 star scandal; ‘friend’ of NXIVM sex-slaver cult member Grace Park makes threats; dares Artvoice to publish

It has not been much reported – other than Artvoice and my blog that covers the cult NXIVM, that actress Grace Park is a longstanding member of the sex-slaver group.
Park, best known for her TV roles on Hawaii Five-0 and Battlestar Gallactica was not a main member of the cult. She was a coach – and recruited women into the notorious group but she was not involved in the day-to-day sex trafficking and was not likely a branded slave.
I reported this on several posts.
On April 8, I received an email from someone using email address:
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Sketch of Allison Mack tells 1000 words; Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman now running the sex-slaver cult


mallville” actress Allison Mack pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor charges as part of an alleged sex cult in a federal court in Brooklyn Friday.

Mack, 35, appeared before a judge “looking unkempt and gaunt.”

She was wearing jeans, a denim shirt and holding tissues, CBS 6 Albany reported.

The judge refused a request by her lawyers to release her without bail.

A bail hearing will be held Monday.

Compare the sketch with the pic of the woman on the cover of the New York Post today.


Allison Mack experienced Executive Success. She

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DOJ alleges intimidation by High Rank of NXIVM of potential witnesses – in Mack bail papers

High Rank of Nxivm have been registering websites in witnesses names and threatening to reveal damaging information about them, according to federal prosecutors.

The Feds wrote “high-ranking members … undertook efforts to undermine potential witnesses, including by registering domain names such as [Witness Name], with the intention of publishing damaging information regarding those witnesses,” prosecutors wrote in court papers Friday.

The information was given as justification for requesting high bond for Allison Mack

“In light of the number of witnesses who are themselves members of DOS and have provided collateral and vows of obedience to [Mack] and

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John Tighe: The Idiot’s Guide to Keith Raniere

It seems to me with all the recent discussion about the legality of the conviction of Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard, one would think he committed nothing more than a statutory rape against a willing teenager.

So, for all of you who don’t know the whole story about Keith – and that obviously includes Suneel Chakravorty – let’s take a brief trip down memory lane.

Part 1: Getting to Know Raniere


And not just your average liar.

Keith is a pathological, compulsive, and farcical liar.

I have

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Sentencing Memorandum: Allison Mack’s Attorneys Ask for Probation –She Is ‘Free of the Twisting Influence of Keith Raniere’

by Frank Parlato

Allison Mack’s attorneys have filed a sentencing memorandum with the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York asking Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to give the former actress probation instead of incarceration.

Lawyers William F. McGovern and Sean S. Buckley argue in the memorandum that the former actress deserves probation because she has “turned her life around,” and is “free of the twisting influence of Keith Raniere.”

Mack is scheduled to be sentenced on June 30 at 11 am.

The government earlier this week submitted a sentencing memorandum which recommended a downward departure from

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Nxivm ‘Branding Doctor’ Tells of ‘Life-Changing Gifts I Received’ From Her Time in Master-Slave Sorority DOS

Danielle Roberts D.O., the so-called branding doctor of Nxivm, continues to speak out in support of the now-defunct DOS organization of which she was a member. A recent article on The Frank Report shared the osteopath’s thoughts on the benefits she gained from her experience in DOS — a group that’s been vilified by the media and labeled a ‘sex cult’ by many.

Roberts  recently gave her perspective on branding women with Nxivm leader Keith Raniere’s initials in an NBC Dateline interview, stating that the women wanted the permanent body art and were not harmed. The ex-Nxivm members

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American Greed: ‘Nightmare at NXIVM’ on CNBC Monday, January 25 -10PM ET- See Previews Here

CNBC’s American Greed premiered its 14th season on January 18, 2021. The second episode of the season, airing Monday, January 25th, looks at the alleged greed of so-called ‘sex cult guru’ Keith Raniere.

It’s called “American Greed: Nightmare at NXIVM.”

NBC Universal announced the show as follows:

“Keith Raniere is a god-like figure to members of his mysterious organization, NXIVM. Using his powers of persuasion along with classic multilevel marketing techniques, he amasses thousands of followers—many of them rich and famous—and hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions. But what many in the group don’t know is that for

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With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies? Some of Clare’s Supporters May Have Put Nails in Her Coffin

The general consensus seems to be that Clare Bronfman may have done herself some serious harm with the letter that she recently wrote to the judge who will be sentencing her on September 30th, U.S. Senior District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.
Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

It was in that letter that Clare made it one hundred percent perfectly clear that she would never disavow her Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere – or his crazy sex cult, NXIVM.

On the contrary, Clare boldly informed the judge that “…NXIVM and Keith greatly changed my life for the better”.

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Former Nxian: Clare Bronfman and Brandon Porter Won’t Acknowledge the Truth About Keith – Their Inner Worlds Would Collapse

By Correspondent

EM TECH is a former Nxivm member who I have interviewed in the past. 


I’ve known Clare Bronfman for five years or so.

She is a sweet person, but gullible and not terribly mentally strong.

She is, unfortunately, very poorly educated, and she admits to a long history of mental illness, so it’s tragic.

Clare genuinely believes what she is writing in her letter, but what she doesn’t realize is that the pain she projects onto Keith is her own invention. Clare can’t wrap her head around the notion that Keith doesn’t really feel

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