Billionaire Envy Can’t Sink Bezos’ Boat

In his Saturday column, Manjoo declared, “I was reading about Jeff Bezos’ new boat last week when I began to understand one of my greatest failures as a pundit.” It’s a nice yacht, a really nice one, costing about $500 million, he related, but still was too small for a helipad, which instead was placed on another boat towed behind. Apparently Manjoo hadn’t noticed until recently that really rich people with ostentatious tastes still live among us.

The cause of his “heartburn,” explained Manjoo, was that the ridiculously wealthy continue to blight our society. In February 2019, also in

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Prince Harry Goes Bonkers

I’ve never gotten absorbed in the ups and downs of the British Royals.

There was, after all, that small dust-up in 1776 that firmly settled the matter of the Brits in America … at least until 1812, when they had to be reminded all over again.

So other than standing up for Piers Morgan’s free-speech rights, I’m more than content to watch from the sidelines if watching at all.

Until now.

Alas, Prince Harry, newly ensconced in the old family colonies, has taken out after that annoying American rule of free speech known as the First Amendment. Here’s the

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It’s Past Time for a K-12 Redesign

K-12 public education, already in crisis pre-COVID-19, is on a steep downward trajectory — with the severe lack of instruction time, staggering learning loss, alarming dropout numbers, and serious student disengagement. With half of the schools closed nationwide a full year without providing in-person instruction, and only returning with reduced instruction hours despite heaps of additional funding, it’s overdue time for a K-12 redesign.

Before considering what a redesign might look like, we should first recognize that implementing the needed changes will require skilled and courageous leadership. It demands that leaders ask what needs to be done

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Bet On It. Trump Is Running.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Former — yes, former — President Donald Trump wants to run for president in 2024, and so he shall.

The story some Republicans like to tell themselves — that Trump will not run again for the White House because he knows he can’t win and he’s smart enough to see the glory in being a GOP kingmaker — is wishful thinking.

Trump is enjoying leaving his plans unclear so he can lure various GOP hopefuls to Mar-a-Lago to kiss his ring. Later, Trump can use their courtship against them.

He’ll run because he only gets

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Wokism v. Religion: Defeating the New Inquisitors

It’s true. America’s troubles are due to lack of religion.

And it’s not true as well.

The wokists have little use for Christianity or Judaism or any other traditional religion, at least in the terms of their institutions and comprehensive traditions. They do not appeal to a sacred text or a figure of authority and saintly reputation. True, the woke have not yet duplicated the Jacobins’ slaughter of the French priesthood or Stalin’s torture, murder and enslavement of priests and devoted lay-people. We are still at an early stage, when the toppling of statues and the burning of businesses

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The Confusion Caused by Pandemic Politics

Many of my friends are musicians. Life’s a funny thing. Most have taken advantage of this claustrophobic pandemic to write too many songs. I have done so myself, remembering the good old days when I had a band called Los Elegidos (The Chosen Ones). What’s more, confined, I’ve composed a wonderful song to which the chorus goes something like “I wanted to be James Stewart/ in A Wonderful Life/ and you see/ it all went wrong.” You don’t have to tell me. I know it’s a hit, although I won’t be going back on stage in a hurry.

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The Forbidden Album Critics Don’t Want You to Hear

Van Morrison released a Rorschach Test disguised as an album this week in the 28-track Latest Record Project Volume 1.

The critics who regarded him alongside Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen and Paul Simon now insist that he ranks somewhere beneath Morris Albert but above Fergie.

The Los Angeles Times calls Latest Record Project Volume 1 “conspiratorially cranky.” The Guardian dubs it “tinfoil millinery.” “You will notice I have not posted links to these songs,” announces the author of “Goodbye, Van Morrison” on after he references a half-dozen songs by the Irish singer. “There is a reason.

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Biden’s Foreign Policy: (Almost) ‘Silence of the Lambs’

It is often said that perception is reality. After less than four months since the inauguration, the United States appears weak and irresolute. This did not take long at all: there is a confluence of bad events, and we have only to connect them to see that our adversaries have decided that this is the time to pile on. Thus far, weakness is the operative and defining noun of the Biden presidency’s foreign policy.

Our president obviously cannot physically control the missile test firings of roguish heads of state or the machinations of autocrats who menace weaker neighbors. Nor

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Gas Shortages Are Made Worse by Bad Policy

On Friday, May 7, the Colonial Pipeline had to stop operations to contain the effects of a cyberattack. The pipeline, which stretches from the Gulf Coast to the Northeast, can deliver 2.5 million barrels per day and is one of the primary ways transportation fuels are delivered to the East Coast. Until the pipeline resumes operations, parts of the Southeast will have to rely on their current inventories and supplies obtained from the smaller Plantation Pipeline, which stretches from the Gulf Coast to Washington, D.C.

In the days since the pipeline closed, the national average price of gasoline has

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Jack in the Box Economics

[unable to retrieve full-text content]“Jack in the Box Economics,” editorial cartoon by Patrick Cross for The American Spectator, May 12, 2021.

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