NY Times changes entire narrative on Bill Gates

Bill Gates has been in the news for the recently announced smash-up of his long-time marriage to Melinda Gates. 

Previously, Gates had been mostly lauded by the New York Times as a billionaire philanthropist, and benefactor of the human race.   

In that regard, Gates has been used as a mouthpiece for liberal ideology on everything from climate change (How to Avoid a Climate Disaster) to green energy to pandemic research and vaccine development, especially as it relates to COVID-19. 

So it is interesting to note that the New York Times has taken a sudden turn in its

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Rep. Massie demands, gets retraction from CNN over hallway ambush

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) has forced CNN into issuing a correction over its reporting of a live interview with the congressman last week in the House office hallways, after wrongly saying that Massie denied there was any violence during the January 6 incursion into Congress. 

Massie took to Twitter to ask for support against CNN after a video showing him talking to CNN’s Manu Raju about the need for more laws to prevent election-related violence was wrongly captioned as Massie saying he “didn’t see any violence” on January 6.

In fact, Raju, in an ambushed interview, asked Massie whether he

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CNN forced to drop contributor for being a Nazi: ‘Hail Hitler’ among his tweets

Eight-year CNN freelance contributor Adeel Raja was exposed on Twitter Sunday for recent and past tweets in support of Adolf Hitler, who lead the genocide of approximately 6 million Jews under the Nazi Germany regime.

As the Israel/Gaza conflict escalates, journalists were quick to put in their two cents to the discussion. Adeel Raja was no different, but his tweets were appalling and a show of blatant antisemitism. Both of which Twitter and CNN allowed to stay on their platform as a verified member, and as a writer.

Tweets included statements such as “Hail Hitler.”

In reference to the FIFA

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AP photog latest to be exposed for antisemitism

A photographer for the Associated Press is the latest in a string of journalists exposed for espousing antisemitic beliefs.

Mosa’ab Elshamy, the photographer in question, has since deleted several tweets, many of them from a decade ago.

The Post Millennial published screenshots of the tweets, however.

But Elshamy has continued his antisemitic tweets, and has one as

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CNN takes Liz Cheney from daughter of Satan to savior of the Republic

Before embracing Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) as the hero of the anti-Trump hour, CNN previously treated her as just another infamous GOP hack who was on the wrong side of history — on every issue. 

It fulfills a pattern that is all too common, with fawning news coverage of conservatives who attack their own party after previous coverage condemned them. 

Cheney has become the Republican face of those who blame Trump for everything wrong in politics after she voted for his impeachment in February. Last week she was voted out of her leadership position for continuing to oppose Trump’s leadership

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CNN lauds 266K new jobs after dismissing last year’s 10M new jobs as not good enough

CNN offers a case a point in how the media slants coverage, especially on economic issues, to benefit liberals, twisting bad news into good news and vice versa. 

And the contrast could not have been greater during the pandemic. 

This week, to the dismay of Wall Street and Main Street, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said that in April the economy created just 266,000 jobs.  

It was a big disappointment given that economists estimated that the number of jobs created would reach around 1 million for the month. 

March’s jobs numbers were revised downward, painting a daunting picture of a

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