America Is Abdicating Its Role In Global Leadership

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reigning assumption across the West was that we had arrived at “the end of history,” a notion most famously promulgated by Francis Fukuyama’s eponymous 1992 book arguing that liberal democracy and market capitalism had prevailed over rival political and economic systems for all time to come.

The dreams of the immediate post-Cold War era foretold a new global convergence, a world transformed by commerce and technology in which competition and conflict would become relics of an ideological past. In the euphoria of the moment, it became an article of faith that the

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Media Matters Mangles The Facts To Smear Those Questioning Ford’s Testimony

Media Matters cast me as the mastermind behind a purported tinfoil hat smear in a blog post Monday headlined, “Pro-Kavanaugh conspiracy theory suggests Christine Ford hypnotized herself into creating false memory of assault by Kavanaugh.”

The story centers on a study about various therapeutic techniques for the treatment of depression, including hypnosis, which raised a red flag for some (including me) questioning her story. The flag has nothing to do, however, with her hypnotizing herself to create a false memory.

A co-author of the study is quoted by Media Matters responding to this self-hypnosis conspiracy theory, predictably saying, “The claims

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Podcast: Rethinking Prisons, Police, And Overcriminalization


Vikrant Reddy, who focuses on state and federal corrections policy, joins Ben Domenech on the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss how states have successfully reduced both crime and the number of people in their prisons. They also talk police training, drug laws, and civil asset forfeiture. Reddy is the Criminal Justice Reform Senior Research Fellow at the Charles Koch Institute.

“At the end of the day I think what Americans want is not a criminal justice system that is as harsh as possible, but one that’s just proportionate, where the sentences fit the

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The Kavanaugh Allegations Are Psychological Terrorism, And It’s Time They End

The left’s smear tactics have come on full display during the surfeit of attacks on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Whether you support or oppose this SCOTUS nomination, the tactics being used are more extreme even than during the Clarence Thomas hearings.

But as we know, they are nothing new, and Democrats will continue to use them until the American people scream “Enough!” — because they are effective. The real goal is psychological terrorism—that is, engaging in a scorched-earth effort to destroy the target, and in so doing intimidating anyone willing to enter public service, or even just support

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Of All People, Women Should Know Better Than To Support Witch Hunts Like The One Against Brett Kavanaugh

I’m a Muslim woman and a feminist. I’m a mom to a little boy, and I’m a conservative who hugs trees and attends shamanic rituals. I’m also a religious reformer who found her voice piece by piece over the years after experiencing and witnessing religious and cultural practices aimed at the psychological, emotional, and sometimes even physical annihilation of women.

I know rage intimately. I felt rage when cultural patriarchy punished me even as a young child for daring to question patriarchs with the kindness and the innocence of a child. It was never tolerated. I remember each

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From Kavanaugh To Kanye, The SNL Premiere Was A Study In Contrasts

“Saturday Night Live’s” fall premiere was bookended by a comedic rendering of the latest Brett Kavanaugh hearing and a performance by Kanye West. One of them was actually entertaining. 

It’s not as though the show botched its parody of Kavanaugh’s testimony on Thursday. The cold open, which featured Matt Damon’s depiction of Kavanaugh as an emotionally unstable frat star, was funny enough. But SNL’s quality should be higher than that of amateur improvers on YouTube.

The Kavanaugh sketch was a good example of the easy, edgeless humor that characterizes much of SNL’s political comedy. After a summer of politics at

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Ryan Lizza’s Hit Piece On Devin Nunes’ Extended Family Is Deeply Flawed

Esquire’s Ryan Lizza published a lengthy story alleging that Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., has a “politically explosive secret,” that he’s a hypocrite on immigration policy, and that when Lizza went to a small town in Iowa to blow open the conspiracy, he was met by odd townspeople who treated him poorly.

It turns out that Nunes doesn’t have a secret, that he’s not a hypocrite on immigration policy, and that the Iowans Lizza met were wary of him slowly driving around town while children were at play because they discovered Lizza had recently been fired from his job for sexual

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‘Girl, Wash Your Face’ Is Of No Comfort To Hurting Women, But This Is

In the introduction to her book “Girl, Wash Your Face,” Rachel Hollis tells the reader, “You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are.” It’s a message that resonates with many women.

At this writing, Hollis’ book has spent 24 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list. She operates a wildly successful website and has 55,000-plus YouTube subscribers, 600,000 Instagram fans, and more than 1 million Facebook followers. In a YouTube video that has received almost 200,000 views, Hollis’ message of self-reliance and positive thinking dominates from start to finish:

Other people

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Why Republicans Must Hold A Vote On Kavanaugh This Week Without Fail

My grandmother passed away this year. She had volunteered at the local crisis-pregnancy center, and she and my grandfather gave plenty of money to the cause. Just one woman keeping her baby was worth the effort.

During her lifetime, 60 million pre-born infants were killed. That’s a staggering number: 20 percent of the current population of the United States. Most killed were in the earlier stages of gestation, but many, by means of shocking “procedures,” were fully developed and capable of living outside of their mothers.

My grandmother did what she could to stem the tide. But there was

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