Michigan Regulators Prioritized Environmental Quality Over Public Safety In Edenville Dam

Thousands of Michiganders were evacuated after the collapse of the Edenville Dam where state regulators prioritized freshwater mussels over citizen safety.

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Author: Tristan Justice and Jordan Davidson

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Black Lives Matter DC Chapter Condemns Mayor Bowser’s BLM Mural As A ‘Distraction’

“This is a performative distraction from real policy changes,” said the DC chapter of Black Lives Matter said of the D.C. mayor’s street-wide mural.

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Media Reports Trump Comments Wildly Out Of Context, Claiming He Said George Floyd Is Happy About Jobs Report

A full video of the president’s speech makes it clear he was referring to equal treatment by law enforcement, but media claim he said George Floyd would be happy about the jobs report.

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Biden Says ‘10 To 15 Percent’ Of Americans Are ‘Not Very Good People’

The comments echo a deep disdain for a large population increasingly perpetuated by left-wing elites characterizing America as irredeemably racist.

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