LISTEN: Fireside Chat 8 w/ Lin Wood | War with China? Are We Going to See ACTION? Did Pence Commit Treason?

Rumble — Attorney Lin Wood joins to share proof that we are at war with China, when we are going to see some ACTION, why he believes VP Mike Pence committed treason + Michelle Moore Winder shares the 100% irrefutable evidence of the Italian interference with the U.S. election.

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LISTEN: Lin Wood Fireside Chat 7 | Why Does the CDC Recommend Concentration Camps?

Attorney Lin Wood shares what is inside Hunter Biden’s laptop while asking why the CDC is Calling for Nazi-Style concentration camps and what is your personal boiling point? Lin Wood also shares why believes that it is 1776 all over again.

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VIDEO: Staged Events from Capitol Hill Jan 6

Cops removing gates and asking people to walk in, and physically motioning them to come inside:…..html?mref=6tc17&mc=9kez7

People filming the cops asking people to follow them inside to the Capitol and Cop runs back down when they don’t follow him, so he says again, to follow him up the stairs:

Trump supporters pulling Antifa off the building trying to get them to stop, while yelling “ANTIFA”://

Police bringing in Antifa and BLM all the way into the capitol: more

LIN WOOD Fireside Chat #4

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Lin Wood discusses the whereabouts of Jeffrey Epstein, the betrayal in The White House, reasons that V.P Mike Pence might not be on our team, the truth about the false COVID-19 models, the truth about the 2020 election fraud, Sidney Powell’s 270 election fraud report, the envelopes from George H.W. Bush’s funeral & more

  1. Lin on today’s Fireside Chat,
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Lin Wood shares why NOW is time to shine a light of truth on Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Stephen Breyer, Joe Biden, Obama, Clintons, Bill Gates, Mike Pence, Mark Meadows, Pat Cippoloni, President H.W. Bush, President George W. Bush & George Soros.

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The Bush Tunnels

Buddy Webb

The small city of Midland has a population of 175,000 but it has had two Presidents come from it. I believe this is because it’s an extremely wealthy town which is on top of the biggest oil field in the nation. I often find signed pictures at estate sales which I collect for my children and grandchildren to have. Interestingly, my realtor showed me the Bush home on Golf Course before this home when I was transferring to town back in 2008 right after the young previous owner Mike Lawhon died.

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Buddy Webb

The Tunnels Beneath Texas


This was recently shared with our new Sheriff Criner. I had already contacted Chief of Police Herman, TX Rangers, FBI, DHS and the AG along with the Mayor and City Council plus many more including local, state and national news agencies. I transferred to Midland in 2008 with a large oil company as a 25 year employee and I buy a home where the young previous owner had just died. I’ve since found evidence which has convinced me that he was murdered here.

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