Reader: Stop defending Sarah Edmondson


Editor’s note: I admit that I have defended Sarah Edmondson and believe, to this day, that she did a brave and game changing act – when she alone – of all the women who were branded – agreed to go on the record and in one heroic gesture, proved that what she was saying about DOS was true by showing the world her ‘brand.’

But for that single striking – self effacing – act, I think it unlikely that the world would have paid attention to the NXIVM story.

So whatever else anyone might wish to say about her

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Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock…


The countdown has officially begun. Sometime in the next few days, one or more superseding indictments will be unsealed by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Eastern Division of New York – and, when that happens, some will have their lives changed forever. Given the prior statements that have been made, on the record, by Moira Kim Penza, the Assistant U.S. Attorney who is the lead prosecutor in the currently pending case against Keith Raniere and Allison Mack, it seems likely that the superseding indictment(s) will contain additional criminal charges against Raniere and Mack – and new criminal

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Vanguard Adjusting To Prison Life – Well, at least some parts of it…


Reports from inside Vanguard’s home-away-from-home (or maybe it’s just home now) indicate that he’s continuing to adjust to his new role as Federal Inmate 57005-177. Well, at least parts of it.

He continues to experience medical issues that have resulted in numerous trips to MDC’s world-famous health clinic (According to the many past and pending lawsuits, “world-infamous” is probably a more accurate description). Many believe, however, that he’s just suffering from “cellboredomitis”, a fairly common disease among prisoners at MDC – especially the ones that are there for long periods of time.

And he continues to avoid showers

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Part 3: Univision English translation of investigative report


Part 3: Univision Report on NXIVM – English translation below.


And when Keith Raniere launched his personal growth courses, he already had accumulated a great history of sexual relations with minors, that was established by the FBI, and even though his Mexican followers did not seem to be very worried, they preferred to admire this leader’s charismatic face and celebrate his publicized genius. Gerardo Reyes from Univision Investigate concludes the story.

GR: Raniere made his followers call him Vanguard. It was a name of a game he liked the most when he was young. The week of

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Part 2: Univision English translation of investigative report



Keith Raniere´s arrest in Puerto Vallarta Mexico showed the connection that his personal growth course had with families who are wealthy and powerful from Mexico. And also venerated the leader.

This news opened some questions as to where and how they found out about Keith Raniere’s sexual abuse as described by the FBI.

Gerardo Reyes from Univision Investigates found out.

Mexican news. “He was arrested in a house, a very luxurious house, in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, the leader of a cult that had sexual slaves”.

Gerardo Reyes: March 25, 2018, Mexican Police arrested Keith Raniere in

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Part 1: English translation of Univision Broadcast – gives insight into Mexican world of NXIVM


One of our correspondents was kind enough to translate the Univision investigative story on NXIVM from Spanish to English.

Part I  watch the video in Spanish and read English translation below 

An hermetic organization

A personal growth guru

And a super undercover group of woman called DOS or the oath

They were branded like cattle

Witnesses say Dr. Danielle Roberts used a laser with a hot stinging end

One by one, the woman took turns getting branded while others held them from arms and legs to prevent them from turning around from the pain they felt.

“Keith Raniere Played

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A few more notes of people and things in Clifton Park and Mexico


Halfmoon — Within 24 hours of reporting that Allison Mack has had her BMW parked by the pool in Knox Woods for months, it is no longer parked at the pool. It’s gone from sight.

Lauren Salzman may be in town because she had boxes of “Chewy” on her porch, presumably for her hairless cat. Who will take care of that cat when she and her mother are trundled off to Brooklyn is hard to answer at this moment. Maybe she is laying up a store of cat food for she knows the poor cat will need it when

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Reader: ‘Barbara Bouchey deserves medal of honor’

By A Reader
This woman deserves a medal of honor. I left the area in 2011, when stories about NXIVM were beginning to emerge.  Reading her horrible struggle with lawsuits and threats truly saddened me even then. I am so glad she is getting “rewarded” for her efforts and persistence. God bless her.
One article from the 2011 Times Union interview has information about Barbara’s brothers redacted. I imagine it was due to the damage that would be done to [name redacted] his reputation.  Hopefully, her brother has been providing her with the financial and emotional support she needs
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Finally a defender of NXIVM/Raniere comes forward – Vanessa Grigoriadis – on YouTube video


At last, a distinguished writer, Vanessa Grigoriadis, has come forward to fully defend Keith Raniere and NXIVM – revealing that she believes that Raniere has a raft of original and striking ideas.

Girforiadis wrote the lengthy and well read New York Times Magazine cover story on NXIVM – which many believe was an extraordinary defense of NXIVM.

In the YouTube video, Grigoriadis says Raniere “has very unique ideas…. Raniere really was very with it, very smart thinking person who was thinking about every step that this gorup should take but yet …. what was attracting people and

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Nicki Clyne may be placed on hot seat – after being on receiving end of hot iron branding


How important is Nicki Clyne in the government’s view of criminality in the  NXIVM sex slaver cult? That’s hard to know at the moment. In the hierarchy of the cult, Clyne is under slave master Allison Mack and ruthless leader Clare “Legatus” Bronfman.

Clyne is a slave to Mack and is also cult leader Keith Raniere ‘s “grand-slave.”  This means in the pyramidal structure, she is “second line” slave.

Raniere stands alone at the top. Allison Mack, Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman, Mexican heiress Rosa Laura Junco, Lauren Salzman, Loreta Garza, and Dani Padilla are front

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