Trevor Loudon: Communism Is About Power & Cannot Tolerate Religious Freedom

Why is China against religious groups like the Uyghur Muslims or Christians? How did the CCP systematically kill the desire for its people to believe in the divine? Today I speak with Trevor Loudon, expert researcher and author on socialism and communism. To learn more about the reason behind Communism’s anti-God nature. And what kind of enemy religion is to Communism’s goal of taking over the world.

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Chinese Armed Police Trained Cuban Black Berets To Suppress Protests|Talking Points With David Zhang

The Chinese Communist Party is sending paramilitary trainers to Cuba. ADN Cuba, a Spanish media platform focusing on Cuba, obtained exclusive photos showing a Chinese military officer training Cuba’s black berets unit. The unit, formally known as the National Special Brigade, has videos and photos showing them attacking protestors during the recent Cuban protest.

Joining me are Gelet Martinez Fragela, the director of ADN Cuba, and Orlando Gutierrez Boronat, an exiled Cuban author. Martinez-Fragela believes the black berets are receiving training from the same armed police used against the Hong Kong protestors in 2019, and they may be exporting their … Read more

Bipartisan Cold War Weapon Against The CCP; Chinese Reporter Attacked By Local Covering Floods

00:00 Taliban Leaders Meet the CCP
01:40 China Flood: Reporter attacked by cops for filming
09:56 China Pandemic Update
12:26 Bipartisan Support For Cold War Era Weapon Against the CCP

The Taliban leaders meet with Chinese minister Wang Yi. Just two days after meeting with the US delegation, Deputy Secretary Wendy Sherman. But Wang looks happier to see the extremist group. Then we discuss the continuation of the Chinese flood coverup. A local reporter was beaten for shooting videos of the subway tragedy. Where hundreds of people may potentially be the victims of the CCP official’s mishandling of the flood. … Read more

Doug Bandow Interview: US and China Both Hold Illusions About Each Other

What does the United States aim to achieve in dealing with China? Are there any assumptions by the United States about the state of China? What about the other way around? What illusions does China hold about the United States?

In the ongoing conflict between the United States and China, both parties seek to dominate the other side. China wishes to create an international totalitarian system around communism, including a totally state-controlled economy, a world-class military, and a new set of rules. The United States seeks to maintain the status quo of democracy and the rule of law—in their words, … Read more

China’s Flood Victims Deserves Answers From The CCP; Xi Jinping Cracks Down on WeChat and More!

00:00 Xi Jinping Going After WeChat And More!
18:17 China’s Flood Victims In The Subway Receive Flowers

Chinese leader Xi Jinping really hates Chinese companies! Cracking down on one after another. He is afraid they might become too big and cannot be controlled. The newest target to watch is Tencent, a tech giant in China that makes the WeChat messaging app. There are many reasons to worry about the Chinese economy going wild. Especially if companies keep trying to go to the US stock market instead of staying in China.

We also discuss the flooding situation in Zhengzhou. Where hundreds … Read more

Dep. Secretary Sherman Meets Aggressive Chinese Diplomats; Foreign Reporters Attacked In China

00:00 Intro: German Media Reporters Attacked in China
08:32 Wendy Sherman China Meeting

German media reporters are attacked in China over flood coverage. Local plain-clothes cops claim the outlet doesn’t cover the truth. Very ironic coming from the Chinese authorities, who refuse to reveal how many died from the flooding in recent days. We discuss, where is a free press in China? Then a look at the meeting between Wendy Sherman, the Deputy Secretary of State, and the CCP. How it panned out and where to go from here. And what it means for the future of US-China engagement.

Watch … Read more

Grant Newsham: Japan Is Waking Up to the Military Threat of Communist China; How the US Can Follow

00:00 Introduction
01:20 Self-defense or forcing the US to make a decision?
03:47 How does a defense-only force improve its capabilities?
07:30 What does China think about Japan growing its military power?
10:14 Japan WWII vs Now
13:40 Clarity vs Ambiguity
18:18 Defense paper cover: samurai of loyalty
20:55 Geopolitical reasons for Japan to speak more clearly
24:01 What does the future hold?

U.S. Marine Colonel Grant Newsham is a Senior Fellow with the Center for Security Policy, and a Research Fellow at the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies focusing on Asia/Pacific defense, political and economic matters.

Today we discuss … Read more

China Flooding: Highway Tunnel Flooded With Potentially Thousands Of Cars Inside During Rush Hour

China’s major flood is causing more concerns. How much is nature to blame and how much is on the authorities? More videos surfaced showing a 2-mile tunnel expressway completely flooded. How many cars were inside? Authorities have locked down the area to prevent crowds from accessing while they clean up. During rush hour, many claim thousands of cars can go through a day. A reporter claims the tunnel was closed in the morning. So how did more cars appear?

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“Once in a Thousand Years” Flood in China Contains Massive Potential Human Errors and Coverups

00:00 Chinese historical flood surrounded in mystery and questions
13:38 Wendy Sherman #2 diplomat from the US set to visit China

A deadly flood in China is taking more lives than the authority might be reporting. This is from video evidence that surfaced on July 20th. While that is happening. The local tv station played a world war 2 drama of fighting the Japanese instead of covering the situation on the ground. Can you imagine if the Florida station played Captain America instead of the condo collapse?

The local officials downplay the number of deaths and blame mother nature for … Read more

Biden & Friends Rally Against CCP Cyber Attacks; Chinese-CIA is Responsible for Cyber Attacks on US

China is cyber-attacking the United States. The US responds with international shaming of the CCP’s cyber thugs. The EU, NATO, Japan and Australia, and Canada all joined the party. We discuss in detail why the recent charge against four Chinese hackers is much more important than we all see on the surface. What is Biden doing against China? Is it effective? We answer these questions.

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