LeBron James Backlash For His Comment on Ohio Police; DC Statehood Bill Pass House

Read Andrew Gutman’s Letter to Brearly School: https://www.newsweek.com/what-andrew-gutman-letter-brearley-school-decrying-anti-racism-policies-said-1584918

00:00 DC statehood bill voted and passed House
01:12 Climate meeting: Xi and Biden set unrealistic goals
05:44 LeBron James under fire for comment on Ohio police-involved shooting
12:40 Brearly School Letter From Andrew Gutman
16:20 Iran legislation from Republicans: Maximum Pressure Act

The biggest news tonight is Lebron James under fire from both Republicans and Democrats for his attempt at commenting on a police shooting from Ohio. In a now-deleted tweet, he called for the conviction of a police officer who protected the community.

Brearly School, a prestigious private all-girls school … Read more

Biden and Democrat Lawmakers Applaud Chauvin Verdict; Is America Racist?

This is a special discussion on the aftermath following the verdict on Derek Chauvin’s trial. He was found guilty on all charges. What are the social implications? What are the responses from the left that deserves attention? What is behind this trial from day one, largely motivated by racial factors and political intervention deserves a deeper look.

As society moves forward in time, does our social policy stand as progressing or regressing. That is the big question. And, is America inherently racist according to some?

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Trump’ Serious For Second Term and Plan For 2022; Maxine Waters Asked For Police Escort

Breaking: Derek Chauvin Guilty On All Charges

00:00 Trump’s Interview With Sean Hannity
02:35 Maxine Waters Requested Police Escort; Officer Brian Sicknick Death Due To Stroke
11:24 Manhanttan Private School Teaching Critical Race Theory
16:06 Project Veritas Sues & Vaccine Passport

Officer Sicknick from the Capitol protest is ruled a natural death from strokes. A story used to manipulate the public’s perception of what happened that day on January 6th. The NYT manufactured a lie about his death from being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher.

Maxine Waters requested police escort, something she desperately tried to criticize. I … Read more

Trump Era Immigration Cap Reversed By Biden; Maxine Waters Asking Rioters to “Stay In The Streets”

00:00 Maxine Waters calls to "stay in the streets"
06:03 Ron DeSantis: Hold CCP accountable
09:35 Joe Biden’s lack of control
16:06 Kash Patel is hated by the Deep State

Lot’s of news to cover. The Chauvin trial is in deliberation and awaiting the final verdict. Over the weekend, Rep. Maxine Waters flew from her home state of California to Minnesota to call on the rioters to stay in the street and fight. Be "confrontational". She drew backlash from GOP while the Democrats are silent.

Then a look at the CCP getting two treatments, one soft from the left, and … Read more

Trump’s Defense Against the New Proxy War From The CCP; Why China Thinks It’s On Equal with The US

This focus discussion is around how the CCP transformed a concept from the Cold War era. Proxy wars have taken on a new shape as the CCP uses them on all fronts against the US. What Trump did to stop or slow it down and how it has now allowed the CCP to call itself the equal of the United States.

As the CCP employs traditional military, economic, and technological proxy warfare, it is a part of the unrestricted warfare against the western world.

All that and more.

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Trump Cleared From Russia Bounty Story on US Troops; Democrats Introduce Bill to “Pack The Court”

Correction: Blood oxygen saturation testimony was for carbon monoxide not choking from knee during Derek Chauvin’s trial.

00:00 Intro: BLM Riot/ Derek Chauvin Might Walk Free- What That Means
05:14 Joe Biden Afghan Pull Troops Out
11:07 Biden Sanction Russia: Implications?
16:02 Pack The Court Started by Dem Lawmakers

Multiple breaking developments.
First, the trial of Chauvin might take an unexpected turn… For the worse. The outcome of a free Chauvin is a disastrous riot-filled summer, unfortunately.

Next, Biden is continuing Trump’s promise to bring troops home after 20 years in Afghan. What are the implications of this?

Then, Biden … Read more

Trump Applaud “America First” Groups; Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is the Latest Woke Mob

00:00 Kamla visiting Mexico; Trump applauds American First Groups
07:33 Ben and Jerry’s New Woke Minds; cancel culture catches to MLB
14:48 China Visit, two delegations to Taiwan and mainland
19:00 CNN Exposed Again

CNN is exposed again by Project Veritas. But there is a catch this time. The constant lies don’t stop at just getting Trump out of office.

The Biden administration sent two teams, one to China, one to Taiwan. That as Japan is pressured to join the US in a statement to support Taiwan. Why is Japan hesitant?

Trump is supporting different groups for continuing his America … Read more

Mike Pompeo or Tony Blinken: Treatment of Taiwan; CCP’s 2003 Plan to “Clean America” with Bioweapon

00:00 Intro: The Epoch Times Hong Kong Print House Attacked 5th Time
02:29 Taiwan Met by Strategic Ambiguity, Something the US Loves to Do
15:04 Chinese General 2003 Speech: "Cleanse America" with Bioweapon

An old secret speech from 2003 surfaced again due to the insanely accurate nature of the plan. It details the need for a "cleaning" of America to create a second China. Does this indicate the current problem with the CCP virus?

Then a focused discussion on the term strategic ambiguity. A concept the American foreign diplomacy has adopted for too long. It’s a harmful approach, that has … Read more

Marxist BLM Leader Criticized For Buying $1.4 Million Home; West Point Teaches Critical Race Theory

00:00 Intro: CRT taught at West Point Academy
02:46 BLM Leader Found Luxury Home Purchases; Police and Riot
15:45 CCP Vaccines Admitted to be Weaker

Black Lives Matter, an organization known for promoting racial equality for Black Americans. Its "trained Marxist" founder has recently come under fire for being exposed to have purchased a total of $3.2 million dollars in four home properties in the US.

This as the message of fighting for the black community is not going to get better perception, if their leader is enjoying the capitalism benefits.

That and the recent police shooting have once again … Read more

Biden’s End Goal Is To Get Rid Of Guns Completely; Apparently Racism is Found Everywhere

00:00 Racism is a health crisis? What is next? Santa is racist?
11:14 Guns Under Biden: What is the final goal?

Today’s discussion is the aftermath of the constant bombardment of making everything about race. The CDC director says racism is a disease? What does that even mean? We look at the woke class using race to achieve their goal.

Then, a look at how Biden will kickstart his reign with the soon-eventual-but-maybe-next-month permanent ban on guns. The second amendment to him seems to not matter at all.

All that and more.

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