Tyre Nichols and a Word for Black Women

Know your ministry:

Only do what you feel..
1. pray
2. do nothing
3. talk to family.
4. make a video.
5. talk about black woman protection.

Do whatever you believe moves the black community forward. Do not be persuaded to do whatever is not in you to do.
There is a reason you do not feel compelled to protest and others do.

We need protestors.
We need prayers.
We need women warning other women to prepare to move out of the black community.
We need some to be silent and send a message to the worst offenders of our … Read more

Tyre Nichols…Changing Media Settings

Settings and Support
Privacy and Safety
Mute and Block
Muted Words
Click the Plus sign at the top right-hand corner
Type in Tyre Nichols’ name

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Cynthia G Is Right. Marriage Is Not Always A Badge Of Honor

If you’re married to Hood Tyrone, your fall will be harder than Bonquisha that is just sleeping with Hood Tyrone. Now, you have documents/law tied to stupidity. Bonquisha doesn’t have that.

A man you have vetted but not married…and y’all have an oops baby.. is sometimes better for the child than the Hood Tyrone marriage. At least the child will be helped financially should you part. You are now in a better relationship than the married Tyrone.

Still, marriage to the vetted guy before pregnancy will ALWAYS be the best of 5 scenarios.

I explain in this video.

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Bethune Cookman Drama and Psychosis of Black Community

We are better than this.

how the BCU president lives in an alternate reality. he made up that entire interview allegedly…it’s the reality he wishes the university were in. he said all of this fake reality with a straight face!

how often do we have to listen to fairytales from our loved ones?! and they get mad 😠 if you challenge their recollection of events!

Alternative reality…"Black men are the most involved fathers. I don’t know what you’re talking about"! 🙄

start talking with your feet! expand your options. you wouldn’t go to a restaurant with a bad review! Why … Read more

Interracial Dating Reasons: Neverending Role Models (SEE DESCRIPTION BOX)

Mattiwilida chose her career in Europe and a life less of discrimination and relationship pain….
married for 40 years.

https://youtu.be/Qc7iL8px6W0 I’m more of a brown fan. many of you like white men…which is fine. you just have to be careful to understand his mindset. if he gets you to join in on bashing black men in a regular basis…he could kill innocent people the next day. I’d take a white man from the pro choice woman’s March before I take one involved in GOP events! if he’s republican but a thoughtful person that is fine. .you just have to see … Read more

Roe at 50: Black Men/System Sabotage Black Women

part 1

Pro-black channels, pediatric deserts, reparations, dating interracially, marrying values, and more.

Listen to all 30 minutes.

"I’m waiting on a black man". You’re 38 though sis….

the light-woman bro pact many black men have…

photo 📸 is south carolina state Sen. Katrina Shealy (R)

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