Abortion In Large Cities

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Author: {Ashley Loren}

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Kevin Samuels Said Latinas Are Better..

A 🇵🇦 Panamanian Man has thoughts….

I hope this segment is allowed to stay up. I have divested followers who even believed that the light-skinned black woman is her enemy. Women are not your enemy. That woman is focused on her life just trying to be with a man that adores her. She isn’t thinking about you…just like you are not supposed to be thinking about her. We are too busy to focus on other people. Matthew 6:34

Furthermore, if you are christian…the latina who loves the Lord and actually follows her religion…is your sister. You have more in common … Read more

Richard Sherman Cheating Scandal/Black Men Must Address Desperation

Vet the white women you like.
Discuss the root reasons of why you view these women as a sign of stability….so much so that you date them without vetting their life skills.
Dislike your blackness? Money grab? ‘I Am A Man’ Personhood Status?
Keep talking in the barbershop, online, offline, ext.
Your responses to Kevin Samuels ‘dying while inside a latina’ are not promising.
Only vetting a woman will work….

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