Talking Points: Adam addresses upcoming NBC vaccination special

This Sunday, NBC is airing a vaccination special featuring President Joe Biden. Here’s what Accuracy in Media president Adam Guillette has to say about it.

  • Hypocrites: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their allies in the media spent months sowing seeds of doubt in COVID vaccines. Amazingly, as soon as he was elected, Biden suddenly became a fan! Something as important as vaccination during a pandemic should never be played politics with.
  • Priorities: The CDC called for a halt on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine because of one tragic death. The flu vaccine has killed people, too, but we
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WaPo quietly admits the media was wrong on the dangers of outdoor events

After a little more than a year into the pandemic, the Washington Post has admitted that it’s safer to be outside after having been part of the media cabal that labeled outdoor events as superspreaders of Covid-19.

The Post article, penned by reporters Karin Brulliard and Lenny Bernstein, was headlined, “A year into the pandemic, it’s even more clear that it’s safer to be outside” – and in essence admitting that the media had been wrong on outdoor gatherings in general.

“For more than a year, the vast majority of documented coronavirus clusters have been linked to indoor or indoor-outdoor

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CNN editor owns himself in tweet attacking Fox News

CNN Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza took fire from conservatives when he posted a tweet asking, “Does Fox News cover, you know, news? Or are they just a media criticism shop?”

This comes after CNN’s Brian Stelter ranted about Fox News reporters not posting selfies showing they got vaccinated. 

Cillizza’s tweet is a quote tweet in response to Stelter’s bizarre complaint that a Fox reporter questioned his story about the lack of “vaccine selfies.”

“A Fox writer asked me

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Vox claims church reopenings could be ‘killing people’

The U.S. Supreme Court granted an exemption this week to allow Californians to worship in private homes, a decision that Vox depicted as signing death warrants for anyone who chooses to participate.

“The Supreme Court is serious about exempting religious conservatives from the law — even when their rulings could kill people.” Vox wrote.

Vox blamed the 5-4 decision in Tandon v. Newsom on the court’s newest justice, Amy Coney Barrett. According to Vox, she has been “rapidly dismantling” Employment Division v. Smith, which holds that “religious objectors must follow ‘neutral law[s] of general applicability’” – meaning that laws

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East Coast elites refuse to hear workers in union election defeat

Workers spoke pretty loudly in a lopsided election last week, rejecting the drive for a worker’s union in Bessemer, Alabama’s Amazon warehouse.  

Still, the East Coast liberal elites refused to heed the worker’s call. 

“This particular union can’t give us anything that Amazon does not already offer,” LaVonette Stokes, an Amazon employee, told NPR about the landslide rejection of the union by workers. 

Unsurprisingly, East Coast, liberal elites remain convinced that workers in the South are simply too stupid to understand the benefits that a labor union would give those same East Coast elites, even if the workers don’t

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NY Times writer accused of Iran bias in Twitter uprising

The New York Times is facing an uprising of Iranian English speakers on Twitter who claim that Times journalist Farnaz Fassihi, who styles herself as an expert on the Middle East and Iran, is just a propaganda agent for the Islamic regime in Tehran. 

When questioned on her bias, Twitter users claim that Fassihi has aggressively blocked them from following her on the platform, by claiming the Twitter users were just bullying an intrepid journalist. 

“Hey @nytimes,” says one Twitter user from Canada, “your Iran reporter @farnazfassihi mistranslates Farsi articles on purpose so that it’d fit her Iranian

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NY Times promotes Biden court packing ‘to balance the conservative majority’

In a tweet on Friday, The New York Times portrayed President Joe Biden’s announcement that he is creating a bipartisan commission to study U.S. Supreme Court reform including the size of the court and the justices’ lifetime appointments. Bipartisan meaning that there will be a few token conservatives with most of the slots occupied by liberals.

“Breaking News: President Biden will create a panel to study expanding the Supreme Court in an effort to balance the conservative majority created by Donald Trump.”

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