Talking Points: Elon Musk on SNL

This Saturday, NBC’s Saturday Night Live will feature Elon Musk as host. Here’s what Accuracy in Media president Adam Guillette has to say about it.

  • Is it a Prank?: The funniest joke perpetrated by SNL this season is the claim that they’re scared of an electric car salesman. This is a show that happily hosts musical guests that sing misogynistic lyrics, but they’re scared of what Musk has to say. I can hardly believe it!
  • Counterculture: People have been asking, “Remember when SNL used to be funny?” ever since Chevy Chase left. The reality is that the show
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NY Times executive editor on Giuliani story retraction: ‘We weren’t rigorous enough’

In an interview with the Washington Post analyzing how The New York Times, the Post, and NBC News managed to report falsely that the FBI warned former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani that he was the target of a Russian disinformation campaign, the Times’s executive editor admitted that they “weren’t rigorous enough” in vetting the sources for the story.

New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet said the paper’s reporters were scrambling to match what appeared to be a major scoop by the Post on Giuliani on Thursday, only to find themselves having to retract the story when the details turned

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Teen Vogue extrapolates Gaetz allegations to ‘many workplaces’

In Teen Vogue’s latest piece of advocacy journalism, the outlet jumps on the allegations against Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) as proof of misogynistic workplace culture. The article mixes anecdotes and no statistics with unfounded, sweeping claims about the prevalence of sexism against women at work.

“The misogyny of American ‘frat-boy culture’ runs rampant in almost every industry, from film to retail,” it says. “For decades, women have had to work around intrusive displays of masculinity to do their jobs, an exhausting task in a world that often not only turns a blind eye to but also rewards certain kinds

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NY Times fails to corroborate story before reporting allegations against mayoral candidate

The New York Times failed to vet claims of sexual harassment about a progressive New York City mayoral candidate before publicizing the claims. 

Instead, the Times reported on the claims using a press conference that was attended by another publication and quoted opponents of the candidate to bolster the credibility of the accuser. 

Now, The Intercept reports that the claims by the accuser are at least overblown and, in some respects, the facts directly contradict the claims — facts that any responsible journalist could have — and should have — verified before the Times reported on the accusations.  

At issue

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NY Times, Washington Post, NBC forced to retract Russia reporting on Giuliani

Pillars of the old-line media once against were forced to issue significant retractions on reporting regarding Russia over the weekend in their quest to punish former Trump lawyer, federal prosecutor and New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. 

The New York Times, Washington Post and NBC each retracted allegations on Sunday that Rudy Giuliani received defensive briefings from the FBI about attempts by Russia to run disinformation campaigns against him.   

The media outlets each relied on the dubious practice of using anonymous sources for the assertions in the stories, which were later confirmed to be false. 

“The corrections,” according to CNN,

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CNN’s Stelter calls major media retractions on Giuliani story ‘A Major Black Eye’

CNN’s Brian Stelter called out the Washington Post, New York Times, and NBC News after they retracted stories about Rudy Giuliani and the FBI raid on his apartment.

The Post first reported on Thursday that Giuliani was warned by the FBI in 2019 that he was the target of a Russian misinformation campaign and claimed that One America News Network received a similar warning.

On Saturday the Post issued a correction saying it had removed assertions that Giuliani and OAN had received such warnings.

“An earlier version of this story, published Thursday, incorrectly reported that One America News was warned

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Media fails to tell the full story when it comes to California’s drought

Reports are now coming out that California, once again, is heading into a severe drought. Los Angeles Times reported that as “wells dry up, crops imperiled, farm workers in limbo” in California. Outlets are releasing tips on how to reduce your water use. Vox blames the “rising temperatures, climate change and lack of rain” for the “decrease in water supply”.

What the media is missing is California’s long history with water in the state. In the past ten years, the state has used the issue to pass multiple water bonds with the promise of

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Mainstream media suddenly silent on Kerry and Iran relationship after tape dump defines post-Trump press

It’s been four days since the New York Times ran a story about tape recordings from Iran’s foreign minister that say that when John Kerry was secretary of state under Obama, he disclosed sensitive or perhaps classified information with Iran about an ally. 

And it’s been four days of silence about the scandal by the big media wheels. 

The leaked tapes from the Times’s reveal Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif saying that Kerry told him that Israel was behind 200 attacks on Iranian interests in Syria. 

And despite widespread outrage and calls from both the GOP and the military

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