Phản hồi cho 4 Bước thêm Dấu Tích Xanh trong đoạn mô tả của WordPress bởi Hữu Thuần

Oke! Hay đó bác 😛

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Author: Hữu Thuần

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Phản hồi cho 4 Bước thêm Dấu Tích Xanh trong đoạn mô tả của WordPress bởi Nguyên Hoàng

sao mình copy vào nó chỉ hiện ô hình chũ nhật ✅✅, chỉ giúp mình nhé 0989484079 zalo

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Phản hồi cho Cách chuyển đổi file PDF sang JPG bằng Foxit Reader bởi Mohamad Wikihad

chuyển như vậy thì khi dùng ảnh đó gắn lên web của mình thì bản quyền ở đâu nhỉ?

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Buzzfeed, Vox, fail in more ways than just ‘diversity and inclusion’

An analysis of company reports and publicly available personnel data show that two of the media’s most progressive outlets, are in fact, largely white, with newsroom personnel that does not represent the true diversity of the U.S. population.

Woke media companies Buzzfeed and Vox love to portray themselves as the epitome of the new “explanatory” journalism—that is, progressive propaganda disguised as news.

But perhaps they should first take a stab at explaining why they have not been able to match their deeds with their rhetoric on their “diversity and inclusion” goals.

In 2016, Swati Sharma, Vox’s editor in chief said

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WaPo fact checker gives Biden four Pinocchios for 2nd Amendment history

The Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler has given President Joe Biden the maximum Four Pinocchios for his false claims on the 2nd Amendment–specifically cannon ownership–in remarks to the press recently.

“And I might add: The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own. You couldn’t buy a cannon.”

— President Biden, remarks on gun violence, June 23

Kessler consulted experts on the 2nd Amendment who agreed that the 2nd Amendment which states that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the

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Press sings from Harris hymnal on ‘root causes of migration’

The national press corps has become backup singers to the Biden administration’s song and dance about the “root causes of migration,”  But today, Vice-President Kamala Harris got a stark reminder, the real root cause of the immigration problem lies on the American side of the border.  The problem is a broken border.

It’s a fact the progressive press will likely ignore – again, with help from the White House.

“So, the important aspect of this visit, is leading this visit after the work we did in Guatemala and Mexico,” said Harris, in perfect harmony with the White House

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Accuracy in Media Takes on Critical Race Theory Lies from Buzzfeed

As the Critical Race Theory debate flares across America, Accuracy in Media has reported on the worst cases of media malpractice in regards to the controversial theory. 

This included a report exposing the Washington Post’s video on “white Identity”, stating that the hosts of the video “ conflate and confuse “whiteness” and “racism” interchangeably, to deliver the not-so-subtle message that being white, somehow, is racist.”.

Accuracy in Media founder, Adam Guillette, while speaking on a segment of Fox Business called out Critical Race supporters, warning ruffled conservatives that “there are tyrants in their community that are ten times worse than

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Atlantic Council becomes attack dog; betraying their history

The Atlantic Council, a Washington think tank, has become a political attack dog for the left, “fact-checking”  GOP claims of widespread voter fraud.

The group once lauded for fostering European and American cooperation on a host of issues from trade to national security has become a political advocacy group.

The Atlantic Council, through the establishment of the impressive-sounding Digital Forensic Research Lab, has helped to establish the major narratives used by the press to “fact-check” GOP claims of election fraud and claims that the COVID-19 virus may have originated in the Wuhan virology lab.

In the case of election

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