Iranian Protestors Want ‘Revolution,’ Not ‘Reform’: Mary Mohammadi | Shorts | Fresh Look America


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“They see the regime as a terrorist … which doesn’t have any moral principles and wants to make an Islamic world, not just an Islamic Iran.”

“They are looking for freedom; they are looking for dignity.”

The Iranian regime is facing the most serious uprising in decades. Widespread protests erupted after a young woman died while being held by the country’s morality police in September, and the protests have been continuing. A human rights group estimates that hundreds have been killed as the Iranian ruler clamps down on the protests.

Mary Mohammadi is a Christian and a human rights activist from Iran. She was imprisoned there several times for her human rights work.

Mohammadi talked to NTD’s Steve Lance about how she thinks these protests are different from before, and what the protesters are demanding. They also discussed the severe human rights abuse happening in Iran, and what kind of role the U.S. government is playing.

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Iranian Protestors Want ‘Revolution,’ Not ‘Reform’: Mary Mohammadi | Shorts | Fresh Look America
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