Religion and Societal Collapse: The Connection

00:00 – Intro
01:31 – Who is Karl Marx?
02:56 – Standards for Culture vs. God
05:09 – Infinite genders
05:43 – Social Constructs
06:40 – Sexual Liberation
07:10 – Pro-Abortion/Normalize LGBTQIA
08:06 – Trans Kids/Child Abuse
09:02 – Cancel Culture
10:06 – Tax the rich/Entitlement
11:05 – Justified hate
12:11 – Intersectionality/Racial Identity
13:26 – The Nuclear Family
15:26 – Broken Households
16:30 – Controlling broken communities
17:43 – Lockdowns were not about "safety"
18:46 – Karl Marx was a WORTHLESS IDOL

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In this video, we’re going to explore the link between Marxisim, God, and Religion and their role in society’s collapse. We’ll look at why Marxisim predicts that the capitalist system will eventually collapse, and what this means for Religion and the role it plays in society. We’ll also look at the increasing visibility of trans and non-binary people, and discuss how their experience of institutionalised discrimination is a precursor to Marxisim’s predictions about the capitalist system collapsing. Gothix, GothixTV. Black Lives Matter, The Truth about black lives matter, Religion and Societal Collapse: The Connection gothix on locals athiest

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