Ben Cort: The Truth About the Marijuana Industry and the Effects of High-Potency THC | TEASER


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“10 years ago…the idea of physical addiction to cannabis was absolutely laughable. That people would be having psychotic episodes, and then psychotic breaks, just from THC? It was unfathomable.”

Ben Cort is the CEO of the Foundry Treatment Center and author of “Weed, Inc.: The Truth About the Pot Lobby, THC, and the Commercial Marijuana Industry.”

“If one pictures their body as the cannabis plant, originally THC was about the size of our big toe,” says Cort. “By the mid 2000s [it] was about up to our knee, and now we have THC-available products that are passed our eyes.”
Cort is now fighting back against a multi-billion dollar industry that he says turned a once natural, relatively harmless plant, into a highly addictive, psychosis-inducing narcotic.

“There are pesticides that we find regularly inside of cannabis plants that are not safe for topical animal use, and this is being inhaled by human beings,” says Cort.

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Ben Cort: The Truth About the Marijuana Industry and the Terrifying Effects of High-Potency THC

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