From Gender Theory Guides to ‘Transition’ Questionnaires—Florida State Rep. Joe Harding | TEASER

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On this episode of American Thought Leaders, we sit down with Florida State Representative Joe Harding, who spearheaded Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill.

“As young as kindergarten, there were resource guides out there telling teachers, telling educators how to talk to children about their pronouns,” Harding says. “These guides were not being voted on in public meetings. These guys were being put forth with an agenda by activist groups.”

Tonight, he shares the impetus for the bill, how the bill is now being enforced, and what it was like being at the center of a national firestorm. Since the passing of the Florida bill, many other states have followed in Florida’s footsteps and adopted similar legislation.

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From Gender Theory Guides to ‘Transition’ Questionnaires—Florida State Rep. Joe Harding on the Fight for Parental Rights in Education

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