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Given the right conditions, any viral infection can spiral into neurological and psychiatric complications. It just depends on the person’s age and overall health. Also, not all viruses are the same and some are nastier than the seasonal flu—like the coronaviruses that cause severe respiratory illnesses.

Prior to COVID-19, we’ve had two coronaviruses that caused such epidemics. These were relatively contained outbreaks, but they were also more lethal and have left a lot of patients with persistent symptoms.

So when it comes to the term “long COVID,” this phenomenon isn’t something new. It happens with other respiratory illnesses as well, but researchers are mapping out slight differences. Even though the SARS-COV-2 Omicron variant is generally mild, one Oxford study has found that even a mild infection could damage the brain. And if there’s damage, there will be lingering symptoms.

The CDC reports that one in 13 adults in the United States have long COVID—over 7 million people. These symptoms have been documented to persist for three or more months. But it could go on for several years. A recent and the largest study on 1.3 million COVID-19 patients has found that not only does neurological damage persist for two years, but complications from COVID-19 are much more punishing compared to other respiratory illnesses.

That’s not surprising because it’s difficult to heal damage to the nervous system, especially when people don’t know the right approach. One of our experts on neurodegenerative diseases, Dr. Yuhong Dong, is recommending a simple remedy.

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Simple and Practical Remedy for Long COVID Neurological Problems | Trailer | Frontline Health
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