UK Mother-of-5 Arrested For “Offensive” Online Posts

UK Mother-of-5 Arrested For “Offensive” Online Posts

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

A mother of five in the UK is making headlines after police arrested her in front of her children and apparently seized her computer following alleged ‘offensive’ online posts concerning transgender issues.

The Daily Mail reports the claims of ‘Catholic feminist campaigner’ Caroline Farrow who says she was detained for the alleged posts and memes shared on the online forum KiwiFarms.

Farrow, who has had previous run ins with the Surrey police over the same issue, says that officers forced their way into her house and took away all her devices, including an iPad she uses to homeschool her children.

Farrow says she isn’t behind the posts that someone reported to police as ‘offensive’:

She posted images of police entering her house to arrest her:

In an interview with GB News, Farrow who has been released pending investigation asserted “I have been arrested for what was a twitter spat about gender issues.”

Farrow has asserted that trans activists are using police to harass those who do not agree with their ideology, a stance she has been public about for some time now.

Police released a statement addressing the case after public backlash following media reports, in which they claimed it is their duty to investigate a report of a “grossly offensive message,” and “assess it alongside any available evidence to identify if an offense has been committed.”

“We do not have the freedom of detailing every stage of our inquiries or the specifics of an allegation on social media as it is critical we do not pre-empt or prejudice any future proceedings at any stage,” the statement adds.

While Farrow’s case is clearly an ongoing battle between her organisation and trans activists, many non-affiliated people in the UK have chimed in to relate how they have been harassed by police over ‘offensive’ social media posts.

The Mail notes that Farrow was previously investigated by police concerning allegations she misgendered a trans daughter of the head of the transgender charity Mermaids and accused the organization of promoting child abuse.

The latest developments have brought further scrutiny on the charity:

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