Kari Lake: The Assault on Patriotism and the Fight to Restore the American Dream | TEASER

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“Our border…is in the operational control of narcoterrorists, the cartels…You don’t have to go that far back to remember the Opium Wars. You bring down a dynasty with drugs… They’re hitting us with the drugs pouring in, killing 100,000 or more last year,” says Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Prior to running, she was a television news anchor for more than two decades. We take a deeper look into her motivations, her policy proposals, and what she sees as an assault on the freedoms that built America.

“What good is that hefty paycheck, what good is that retirement plan, those benefits… if we don’t have a country at the end of the day to enjoy that money in? What good is my retirement if my children don’t have freedom?”

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Kari Lake: The Assault on Patriotism and the Fight to Restore the American Dream

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