Are We in a Cold Civil War?—David Reaboi on the ‘Elite Mentality’ and Concepts of Justice | TEASER

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On this episode of American Thought Leaders, I sat down with Claremont Institute Fellow David Reaboi at the National Conservatism Conference in Florida to discuss the broader impact that progressive ideology is having on America.

“We’re seeing the necessary consequence of – let’s say – ‘radical left thought’ over the last 50 years really in full bloom,” says Reaboi. “We’re living in a place now, or an America now, where the most grave threat to our lives and liberties come not from a foreign country, but from our own government.”

We discuss a host of topics, from the roots of conspiracy theories, to the redefining of the concept of justice, to the pitfalls of urban planning.

“The conservative movement needs to sit down and address what urbanism looks like in a way that is not free-market, post-cold war, fundamentalist libertarian, free for all, Walgreens and Starbucks and Orangetheory lining the streets of every city…” says Reaboi.

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Are We in a Cold Civil War?—David Reaboi on the ‘Elite Mentality’, Concepts of Justice, and the Left’s ‘Self-Radicalizing Ice-Cream Cone

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