DOJ Supports 1 Trump Pick for Special Master; US Inflation Comes in Higher Than Expected | NTD

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1. DOJ Supports 1 Trump Pick for Special Master
2. DOJ Issues Dozens of Jan 6 Subpoenas: Report
3. UNESCO Targeting ‘Conspiracy Theories’
4. Some U.S. Schools Not Finding Enough Teachers
5. Gender Education in Pennsylvania Schools ‘Responsibility of Family, Not School’: PA Lawmaker
6. Amtrak Pauses Routes Ahead of Potential Strike
7. MN: 15k Nurses Begin Three Day Strike
8. Colorado Police Officer Killed; Suspect in Custody
9. Coast Guard Intercepts Cuban Migrants
10. Heavy Rains Cause California Mudslide
11. Navy Says Videos Would Harm National Security
12. NASA Marks 60th Anniv. of JFK’s Moon Speech
13. Calls to Probe Forced Labor-made Solar Panels
14. Fears Chinese Slave Labor Funds Surveillance
15. Report: Iphone 14 to Use Chips From China
16. Vietnamese EV Maker Eyes U.S. Market
17. On Retreat: ‘This Isn’t Over by Any Means’
18. Russia, China to Meet This Week
19. China’s Political Support for Russia
20. Russia Justifies Retreat as ‘Regrouping’
21. China Studying Russian War Errors: Col.
22. 2 Russian Aircraft Enter Air Defense Zone
23. Dutch City to Ban Meat Ads Over Climate Fears
24. Fix for South Africa Power Cuts a Year Away
25. UK Queen to Be Replaced on Australian Money
26. Drone Makers Shift to Hydrogen Fuel
27. Cardboard Houseboats Float in the Netherlands
28. Japanese Baseball Stadium Offers Ubereats
29. Switzerland Holds Cliff Diving World Series
30. World Tango Dancers Flock to Buenos Aires
31. Activating the Brain’s ‘Happiness’ Switch
32. Study: Big Breakfast Curbs Appetite, but Not Weight Loss
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