Marrying The Best…6 of 10 American Groups Do

Except Black Women.

Really 6 out of 8 if we give Native Americans the benefit of the doubt due to the obvious.

That leaves black women and white women.
Black women can least afford to follow the example of the white counterpart because we do not have the numbers she does. She has 100 million white men to make her look better. When we copy some of their behaviors…it is more obvious in the stats. It is more crucial that the black woman makes better spiritual decisions on the daily. Especially since we are the ones who put this entire country on game to Biden…

Biden has been great on civil rights and challenging the spiritual needle of this country. Not so great on foreign policy. But overrall good for this country. If we can guide the country spiritually in the right direction…let’s start focusing more on ourselves….How much better would our personal lives be!

The black woman does not have collective group buy in when she decides to go off the rails.
It’s really to your benefit to put on the entire Armour of God and choose the best man…God’s will and not your own.

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Author: {Ashley Loren}

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