Student Debt Canceled for Midterm Votes; NASA to Launch New Moon Rocket

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1. Student Debt Canceled for Midterm Votes?
2. High Costs Make Students Question College
3. Biden Rallies for Dems, Slams MAGA GOP
4. NASA to Launch New Moon Rocket August 29
5. SpaceX and T-mobile to Improve Cell Service
6. Two CA Tribes Receive $127m for Broadband
7. AZ Border Agents Seize 1.2m+ Drugs in 1 Week
8. Couple Tried to Sell Navy Intel, Facing Trial
9. USDA Health Alert for Perdue Chicken Tenders
10. Wendy’s E. Coli Outbreak: 84 People Sick
11. Ukrainians in U.S. Prep for New School Year
12. Program Helps Autistic Youth Learn to Drive
13. Fedex Files Injunction Against Delivery Contractor Spencer Patton
14. NYPD Issues New Order for Cops on the Job
15. Roller Coaster Malfunction Causes Injuries
16. Data: China Threat to Impact U.S. Midterm Elections
17. U.S. to Upgrade Guam Missile Defense Systems
18. Sen. Blackburn on 3-day Taiwan Trip
19. Taiwan Subsidizes Rooftop Solar Panels
20. Research: Tiktok Can Track User Keystrokes
21. India Excludes Huawei, ZTE From 5G Network
22. Russian-held Nuclear Plant Loses Power
23. Russia: Ex-mayor Accused of Discrediting Army
24. Australia Makes Biggest Crystal Meth Seizure
25. Trudeau, Stoltenberg Visit Canadian Arctic
26. German Ski Resort Storing Snow Over Summer
27. Hot French Summer Forces Early Champagne Harvest
28. Parisian Cat Hotel Full in Tourism Rebound
29. A Dancer’s Rehab From Rare Immune Disorder
30. Venice Hosts Floating Film Festival
31. Restoration Begins on Ancient Mayan Temple
32. Rescued Manatee Released in Florida
33. Measurements Begin for London Zoo Animals
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