Alec Baldwin Criminal Charges Likely from Armorer Not In Church and Lawsuit on Industry Standards


‘Rust’ armorer’s father, Thell Reed, speaks out on fatal incident and investigation

the commission of a lawful act which might produce death in an unlawful manner or without due caution and circumspection.

“Defendant Baldwin and the other defendants in this case failed to perform industry standard safety checks and follow

Walls close in on Alec Baldwin as his lie falls apart

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Stock Market Crash Ready to Bankrupt Banks, Hedge Funds as Margin Trading at All Time High
(H. A. Goodman predicted the market crash on Sept. 9, 2021 within Prediction Playlist)

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Stock Market Crash Imminent as Inflation, CPI and PPI Rise, Margin Debt Hits Record, Confidence Low (H. A. Goodman started the Stock Market Crash Channel on Sept 16, 2021, this is my first segment)

Bitcoin CRASH Certain as U S Stock Market CRASH Caused by Evergrande Default Unfolding (H. A. Goodman predicted the Bitcoin and Crypto crash on Sept. 20, 2021)

Joe Biden’s Bitcoin CRASH to $10,000 and Dow Jones Fall to 20,000 Leading to Recession in 2022 (H. A. Goodman first predicted Bitcoin would crash below 10K on January 22, 2022)

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I predicted all of this also in The Federalist on Oct. 8, 2021:
Why Are Democrats Hurtling The United States Towards A Stock Market Crash?

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