Judge Schedules Hearing on Affidavit Release; 200K Border Apprehensions in July | Trailer


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With a stroke of the president’s pen, the government expands its tax power and its role in health care and environmental regulations.

To assess the bill dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act and what effect it will have on the economy, we had a chance recently to speak with Congressman Brian Babin.

A federal judge has avoided an immediate decision on the FBI search warrant affidavit release, instead scheduling a hearing.

Amid rising tensions, China sanctions Taiwanese officials. The United States reacts to Beijing’s latest military drills around Taiwan, where several U.S. lawmakers are visiting.

Migration to the U.S. southern border is holding strong. The porous U.S. border and the rescinding of Trump-era policies is attracting illegal immigrants throughout the Western Hemisphere.

We sit down with the Texas attorney general to get his thoughts on the challenges at the southern border.

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Judge Schedules Hearing on Affidavit Release; 200K Border Apprehensions in July | Trailer | Capitol Report
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