China’s Drill Footage ‘Not True’: Taiwan | Trailer | China in Focus

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Taiwan is calling Chinese military drill footage into doubt. Questions rise over where the video came from and exactly how close Beijing’s troops got to a group of disputed islands.

A delayed weapons test was successfully launched. On the roster was the U.S. Minuteman III ballistic missile, after Washington postponed the warhead test over tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

Unusual drought hits China’s Yangtze River, triggering power shortages and hitting Apple suppliers. It’s the country’s worst heat wave in six decades.

Nearly 150,000 tourists have been trapped on vacation. De facto lockdown orders hit southern China. Protests erupt.

And, 400 million Chinese people quit the Chinese Communist Party. How did they do it?

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China’s Drill Footage ‘Not True’: Taiwan | Trailer | China in Focus
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Author: The Epoch Times

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