Minneapolis Public Schools Promise To Layoff White Teachers Before Cutting “Educators Of Color”

Minneapolis Public Schools Promise To Layoff White Teachers Before Cutting “Educators Of Color”

A good teacher is a good teacher, regardless of skin color.  That said, by extension, a bad teacher is also still a bad teacher regardless of skin color.  If you want to find true racism in the western world, remove all questions of meritocracy and seek out people who promote “equity”- They are the real racists.  

According to a new report, a deal struck between MPS and the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) to end a two-week strike includes a provision that requires schools to lay off or reassign white teachers before taking the same action with “educators of color.”  The provisions were labeled “educator of color protections.”

The report said that if a non-white teacher is the subject of “excess” (a term used to describe cutting a position) school districts must instead lay off the least senior white teacher. The proposal will go into effect next spring.

Here we see the true nature of “equity and diversity” in action – It’s not about equality, it’s about special treatment and privileges based on skin color.  It’s the exact opposite of what the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s called for.  Imagine if today a teacher’s union demanded that a school district fire all black and brown teachers before firing white teachers, regardless of performance?  There would be riots in the streets.  

The ignorance of equity is not limited to Minneapolis, it is widespread and flowing like a poison into every corner of our society.  It’s important to keep in mind also that the teachers unions making these demands are made up of the same people that are likely in charge of educating your children.  What kind of lessons do you think they are providing to all those young and easily influenced minds?

Should people of color be conditioned to expect special treatment?  Are they entitled to it because of the the unfairness of the world a century or more ago?  It’s a world they never lived, and a world that was unfair to many white people as well, so how do we divvy up reparations and privileges when there is no way to account for who deserves them?

The only legitimate form of fairness is merit.  It’s the only system that works.  Minneapolis teachers should be judged based on performance, not the supposed crimes against their ancestors.  The equity ideology is utterly insane when we consider the level of future pain caused by keeping the worst people in the best positions based on skin color alone.  The decline in work ethic and productivity will be staggering unless diversity quotas are ignored and only one factor is taken into account:  Can they do their job well – Are they the best at their job, or are they the worst?  Nothing else matters.         

Tyler Durden
Tue, 08/16/2022 – 18:30

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Author: Tyler Durden

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