Discover Hidden Sugars in 10 Common Foods | Trailer | Eat Better


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Have you ever wondered why you’re packing on loads of weight? You’re packing on loads of weight even though you think you’re eating healthfully? The truth is, many foods we perceive to be healthy may be far from it!

Don’t be deceived by clever marketing. Some contain hidden ingredients like trans fats, which the body has a hard time breaking down. Other hidden ingredients include artificial colorings and preservatives.

But added sugar is, arguably, the most common culprit. It’s usually put into foods to increase their flavor, especially in reduced fat foods. But just because there’s a nutrition-oriented statement on the package doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain a shocking amount of sugar.

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Discover Hidden Sugars in 10 Common Foods | Trailer | Eat Better
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Author: The Epoch Times

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