Roy Moore Awarded Over $8 Million In Defamation Case

Roy Moore Awarded Over $8 Million In Defamation Case
Roy Moore, a former Republican sheriff and US Senate candidate, has been awarded $8.2 million in a defamation case against a super political action committee (PAC) during his failed 2017 US Senate bid in Alabama.

In a 30-second advertisement that ran nearly 1,000 times on local television networks, the ‘Senate Majority PAC’ accused Moore of “soliciting sex from young girls” at a mall, based on a report from the New American Journal – which cited anonymous sources – and later admitted that it was inaccurately reported.

Moore won the 2017 Republican primary runoff election to replace Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who then-President Donald Trump had tapped to be attorney general.

Ahead of the general election, a group linked to the Senate Majority PAC ran a 30-second advertisement nearly 1,000 times on television networks in Alabama that accused Moore of “soliciting sex from young girls” at a mall, according to the complaint. The claim was based on a report from The New American Journal, which cited anonymous sources and later said was inaccurately reported.

The ad also included quotes from news articles, such as “one he approached ‘was 14 and working as Santa’s helper.’” But those articles were not talking about soliciting sex.

The juxtaposition of the quotes were meant “to create the false impression that Judge Moore solicited sex from a 14-year-old Santa’s helper at the mall. The very source they cite in the ad refutes that statement,” the complaint stated. –Epoch Times

I feel this is vindication and I give thanks to Almighty God and the jurors in this case for a great victory over our corrupt political system,” Moore said in a statement.

Moore was accused of sexually abusing four girls 40 years ago – one of whom, Debbie Gibson, worked as a sign language interpreter for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, and actively campaigned for Moore’s Democrat opponent, Doug Jones.

Another Moore accuser, Leigh Corfman, claimed “several pastors at various churches made sexual advances at her.” This 3x divorcee who has also filed for bankruptcy three times.

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Mon, 08/15/2022 – 21:00

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