Australia Blasted For Fielding Cricket Player Infected With COVID To Help Team Win Gold

Australia Blasted For Fielding Cricket Player Infected With COVID To Help Team Win Gold

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Australia, a country that imposed one of the harshest lockdowns on the planet that included housing their own citizens in COVID isolation camps, has come under fire after fielding a cricket player infected with COVID who helped their women’s team win gold at the Commonwealth Games.

“Tahlia McGrath was permitted to play at Edgbaston in Birmingham yesterday despite testing positive,” reports the Daily Mail.

“She bowled and batted in the match and also took the catch that dismissed India’s star opener Shafali Verma as the Southern Stars took gold.”

To maintain the security theater surrounding the virus, McGrath wore a face mask while standing on the podium during the medals ceremony, but not during the match.

She also initially avoided celebrating with team mates after taking a catch, but then “jumped into the huddle and hugged her teammates” when they won the game.

“When you’re part of a game that’s so thrilling like that, all you want to do [is celebrate] and at the end screw it, if we get Covid, so be it,” said bowler Megan Schutt.

McGrath was allowed to take part despite former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison having spent $2 billion dollars on COVID quarantine facilities across the country that are now empty.

While Australia will rightly face charges of hypocrisy for fielding the player after having at one point placed its own COVID-infected citizens in detention camps, the story goes a little deeper.

This emphasizes how COVID is now so mild and weakened that sports athletes can be infected with it and still perform and win at the top level.

McGrath reported having “mild symptoms” after being infected and was fit enough to compete, meaning she probably had a minor sore throat and some sniffles, which is basically now what COVID has become.

No doubt that will all be forgotten later this year, when countries re-introduce COVID restrictions despite the fact that the virus is now less problematic than the flu and even the common cold in many cases.

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Tue, 08/09/2022 – 03:00

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