Obese White Woman Back With White Man

For the first time in 15 years…I saw an obese white woman with a man of her same race. And he was squeezing her hand TIGHT.

and i believe it will continue. I explain why.

The South Africa model is being attempted currently. Judge positions in South Carolina are being filled by white people mostly. Bruce’s Beach in California may eventually be returned back to the state.

listen to my video

the Walmart analogy is about black people being in denial and not seeing the writing on the wall…and other groups just mowing the grass around them..strategizing around them. moving forward without them.

notice the interracial billboards. notice the immigrants from Latin America and Asia.

we are in a different time.

when you are out in public…don’t start arguments with anyone. behave and go home.

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Author: {Ashley Loren}

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