Roe v Wade Overturned Black Divester Edition ⚫ 🐈‍⬛

Chicago abortion facilities are really unsafe

Every 12 days, this NY Planned Parenthood calls 911 for an ambulance

Every 12 days this NY Planned Parenthood calls ambulance
32 in 5 Years: Manhattan Planned Parenthood has another abortion emergency requiring ambulance transport
A Republican legislature denying funding for upgrades to facilities.
Keep in mind….democrat states have really bad facilities as well.
Chi facilities are bad


Kansas abortion facility severely injures third woman in less than four months

Kansas facility

The Texas Republicans wanted you to have the same healthy space as patients in the hospital having surgeries…because you are a human being….and This US district judge said no
Women’s Healthcare Protection Act


Lawmakers ask Department of Justice to investigate deaths of aborted babies found in DC

Abortion facility responsible for deaths of two women sends another to the hospital

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Author: {Ashley Loren}

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