Reparations or Student Loan Debt?


Reparations is a black male issue. If you’ve never received an advanced education of some sort…of course you would look to put money in your pockets for the first time through your ancestors’ reparations checks.

Reparations is also a black woman issue but it is not priority. I am fine if I receive a Congressional apology and a default to more pressing matters for the black community….


Black women lead 70 percent of black households in America.

it is more likely to find a random black woman with a sustained career than a black man.

She holds the most sustained money in her pocket and the most debt at the same time. She has enough just to pay the bills…maybe. She is like so many Americans who can’t seem to get from up under that trap.

She has provable paperwork.

History suggests that her fight is the path to least resistance…and the most solidarity.

Listen to the video for my explanation….

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Author: {Ashley Loren}

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