Russia “Recommends” Fertilizer Makers To Halt All Exports

Russia “Recommends” Fertilizer Makers To Halt All Exports
This morning we listed some of the countries that are dangerously (and almost exclusively) reliant on Russia and Ukraine for their wheat imports, highlighting Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and others…

… which are facing an “Arab Spring” style food crisis (and potential uprising) in the coming weeks unless the Ukraine conflict is resolved.

And unfortunately, we can now confidently predict that the coming food crisis will strike every country that is using food fertilizer – which is all – because moments ago, Russian Interfax reported that as part of Moscow’s countersanctions, Russia has recommended fertilizer makers to halt exports, a move which will sent not only fertilizer prices orbitally higher, but all food prices will soon follow.


Worse still, natural gas is required in the manufacturing process for most nitrogen/fertilizer products and so the recent surge in European NatGas prices to record highs will only exacerbate the cost of fertilizer from any halt from Russia…

And with wheat prices already at all time highs…

… all hell is about to break loose not only among food producers, but soon, in your local grocery store once US consumers realize that food prices are about to double, triple and x-ple more.

Tyler Durden
Fri, 03/04/2022 – 10:26

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Author: Tyler Durden

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11 months ago

Most people miss the fact that the process of making ammonia nitrate can be used to make straight nitric acid that is used to manufacture nearly ALL military high explosives. These countries cutting off the sale of fertilizer are gearing up for war manufacture and total war.

11 months ago

I thought California was the world’s breadbasket, not Ukraine…. if it were a country it would have the 6th-largest gross national product. Why then does the USA import food fertilizer when we have all we need right here? Democrats have the management skills of celery.

ms berry
11 months ago

look in to aquaponics. Raising fish in a tank, the water circulates through grow beds, then deposits bank in the fish tank. It uses a small amount of water, the fish waster fertilizes the plants, and depending on the fish used you will have a fish harvest as well. Can be done any size !

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