Alec Baldwin SUED BY CINEMATOGRPAHER ESTATE as Petition Filed to Investigate Why He Pulled Hammer

‘Rust’: Halyna Hutchins’ Family Takes First Step Toward Filing Wrongful Death Suit

Petition filed for ‘Rust’ cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ estate under wrongful death act

Alec Baldwin says he feels no guilt about ‘Rust’ shooting

An assistant director gave Alec Baldwin a loaded gun and told him it was safe to use moments before the actor pulled the trigger and shot to death a cinematographer on the New Mexico set of a Western movie, court documents filed Friday reveal.
The movie’s director, Joel Souza, was standing behind Hutchins when Baldwin pulled the trigger, the court papers said.

"In the protocols of the business, Hannah would hand me the gun 99% of the time, whatever, the preponderance of the time," Baldwin said during an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. "But when we would say cut, if Hannah was away from the set, I would hand [assistant director David] Halls the gun."

Alec Baldwin Exclusive Interview – Part 2 | ABC News 1:45 "The Camera Is Here Filming That Way"

Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ Movie Fatal Shooting May Have Been Recorded, Cops Say

The insider claimed: “The camera was facing Alec who was shooting in the cameras general direction during a rehearsal scene that was being recorded.
"The cameras captured Alec shooting but Halyna and Joel were behind the camera so I don’t think the cameras captured them being shot.”
However, “cameras, lights and props were damaged” from the gunfire with “broken glass was everywhere,” so it is unclear if the footage would be salvable.

Alec Baldwin’s Accidental Shooting That Killed ‘Rust’ Movie Crew Member Was ‘Captured On Camera’

they were down to one camera, and it was not filming when Baldwin’s gun discharged.

Baldwin ‘Rust’ shooting: Famed lawyer says he’d be shocked if involuntary manslaughter charge not brought

"He was inside the church then, Hannah was outside the church having to do her prop duties."

Alec Baldwin Exclusive Interview – Part 2 | ABC News

Famed lawyer says he’d be shocked if involuntary manslaughter charge not brought

Halyna Hutchins was 18 inches away from gun Alec Baldwin was holding, crew member says

Normally, the process begins with an armorer bringing the gun to the director or assistant director to show nothing is inside, he said. Then it is brought to the actor with the assistant director, who often shines a light through it to show an empty barrel and chamber.

Alec Baldwin and Rust crew had been told never to point a gun at a person, lawyer for armorer says

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